Samsung Galaxy Note 9 better than the Latest iPhone.

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After the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 (S7) drama and huge losses some thought Samsung was done and out, they just went back to the drawing board and brought the majestic Samsung Galaxy S9.

With a 6.4 inch super AMOLED screen display, the S9 is proving to be competition enough for the latest iPhone X which is still using OLED.

The standout on this latest invention is the bigger RAM than that of iPhone X, S9 has a 4gig RAM as compared to the iPhone X. The S9 also has great security of the fingerprint which the iPhone x does not have. This will improve your casino games online real money security.

The Galaxy series has been getting better and better since it first arrived on the scene with the small Samsung Galaxy S. Samsung has worked tirelessly to better this brand and more importantly they have improved the camera to be better than its IOS counterpart.

They now have the face and iris unlock similar to Apple’s Face Id. S9 has an 8megapixel back Camera that is of great quality as most digital cameras. Samsung’s S9 has a higher-resolution 2960 x 1440 display, resulting in a 570ppi pixel density as compared to iPhone x’s 458ppi.

This means that S9 has been equipped with the ability to capture and display more visual information. Which is a plus in the era of pictures, pictures and pictures and citizen journalism.

The stylus on the new gadget also is a great takeaway, it is Bluetooth controlled and can be used to take selfies and control music playlists.

A great lesson that Samsung seems to have learnt and implemented from the S7 problem of catching fire when charged, Samsung devised a cooling system on the S9. The Galaxy Note 9 has a feature designed to keep this flagship cool while delivering consistent speed. Samsung put a water-carbon cooling system in the device.

The S9 impresses in its sheer number of options and features packed into the camera app which can still function when apps from popular best au betting sites are in-use. It shoots 960fps slow-motion video (the iPhone X caps at 240), has a full ‘Pro’ mode for granular control, and plenty more.

Samsung has been shunned by many for its price tag but the price has been qualified by the water and dust resistance qualities.


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