5 Vintage Apple Computers That Are Growing in Value

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Are your favorite vintage Apple computers collecting dust? Don’t get rid of them. Take care of them! These five computers are worth more money than you think.

Did you know that Apple released its first Macintosh personal computer on January 24, 1984?

It’s no surprise that with the 35th year anniversary for Macintosh some of their computers are going up in value.

Have you been holding on to any vintage Apple computers? – Yes?

If so don’t get rid of them! The list below is the top 5 apple computers that are growing in value.

5 Vintage Apple Computers You Won’t Want to Get Rid of

As bigger and better computers have been released out in the marketplace older computers have taken a backseat and many have lost their value. If you have a Mac you might be holding on to one that has done the opposite and has gone up in value instead.

Before getting rid of your computer you might want to look into having a MacBook Repair instead.

  1. Apple I 

The Apple I is the original Apple computer and it’s one of the most valuable computers in the world today. Only about 200 of these computers were made making them very rare nowadays.

May of this year there was an auction for this computer that was functioning that was expected to sell for as much as $630,000. This is a good example of why you don’t want to get rid of this vintage Apple computer.

  1. Apple Lisa

This computer was one of the first models released before the Macintosh personal computer was released in 1984. This computer’s name was chosen after Steve Jobs’ daughter. Two years later in 1986, Apple was changed to Macintosh XL.

  1. Apple II

This vintage computer is valuable because it was the first mass-produced personal computer. It was also the first computer available for use in public schools.

If you have one of these computers with this kind of history you can still get money for it nowadays.

  1. Color Class II

This Apple computer was released in 1993. Not too many of these computers were made and most of the sales were in Canada and in Japan. It’s not common to find the Color Class I computer in the United States.

If you have one of these or run into one this is a vintage computer that is rare and still has value.

  1. JLPGA PowerBook 170

This computer was released in 1992 commemorating the 1992 JLGPA gold tournament in Japan. If you happen to bump into one of these you have some pretty savings sitting in your home.

You can’t miss this computer with its bright blue colors along with its pop of yellows and reds.

Do You Have Any of These Rare Breeds?

Now that you have a list of five vintage Apple computers it’s time to check your storage to see if you have an Apple that’s worth more than you realize. What you have collecting dust in your closet, garage, or storage might be worth dusting off and seeing if it works and if it’s worth something.

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