How To Keep Your Mac Safe from Hackers

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The sporadic rise in cybercrime has today made it necessary for all MacBook users to rise firmly against the hacker community. Now this may sound like as if MacBook users will have to put a great deal of effort into keeping all those harmful hackers at bay. But quite frankly, apart from adhering to few dos and don’ts, they don’t really have to do much to foolproof their Mac machines against hackers. If they follow these simple principles sincerely then they can be completely rest assured about the security of their Mac machine.

How To Keep Your Mac Safe from Hackers

Install quality anti-virus software: Despite growing awareness, there still exists popular perception amongst Mac as well as window users that antivirus software is only good enough for undoing viruses and malwares. This is obviously wrong as antivirus software can prove equally handy in dealing against hackers. Today almost all anti-virus software (including the free ones) comes with advanced features like ‘anti-phishing’ and ‘anti-fraud’ to prevent hackers from accessing your Mac machine. Therefore Mac users should never commit the mistake of underestimating the role of anti-virus software in dealing against hackers.

Today there are many good quality antivirus software available online that can offer all round protection to your MacBook. Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac happens to be one of them. This antivirus software has been specially designed for Mac OS and over the years has earned great reviews for its sublime performance.

Today Bitdefender defends a network of 500 million machines against viruses and malware attacks. It also provides 11 billion security queries every day that helps in detecting and neutralizing even the newest viruses.

Always ensure Mac’s built-in firewall is turned on

The built-in OS X firewall is a potent weapon that can foil all the possible efforts made by hackers to intrude into your Mac machine. Like all firewalls, Mac’s firewall also prevents harmful inbound network connections as well as efficiently regulates outbound connections.  As a result, all the hacking attempts made by malicious hackers are completely thwarted by Mac’s in-built firewall. Therefore, always ensure that your Mac’s firewall is never turned off.

Leverage the power of iCloud Keychain for Password protection:

New Mac OS has a special feature called iCloud Keychain, where you can safely preserve user name and password details of credit cards, debit cards, net banking, Facebook, Twitter and almost all your confidential information. Now some people may have some doubts about the reliability of iCloud Keychain. After all, storing all your confidential details in one place can prove to be fatal. However, skeptics can take a chill as iCloud Keychain is completely protected by modern encryption techniques and this is solely the reason that today millions of Mac users fully repose their faith in iCloud Keychain.

Simply put, this special Mac OS feature is handy weapon to protect your password against hackers and therefore all Mac users must leverage this feature for their own good.

Surf and Browse Wisely: No matter how well protected your MacBook is by firewall & anti-virus software, if you choose to surf irresponsibly then you’re certainly playing into the hands of hackers. But then how do you become a responsible surfer. The first and foremost rule to become a responsible surfer is to always stay alert while browsing internet, which should spare you from committing the blunder of sharing confidential information on malicious websites. You’ll also never get duped by those fake mails that demand from you bank and other financial details.

In a nutshell, never- ever let your guards down while browsing internet. A highly alert and attentive mind almost acts like a best firewall against hackers.

Set up an account: Needless to say, a Macbook without an account log -in is prone to get misused. The chances of misuse are especially higher if too many acquaintances as well as strangers are easily able to access your system.

A MacBook with an account log-in that is backed by very strong password will always ensure that only you and your trusted colleagues have access to your machine. In order to build a strong password you’ll have to ensure that your password has at least eight characters and also combines letters, numbers, and symbols.


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