Tips To Successful Remote Working

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Telecommuting can be any employee’s dream. Being able to work at home gives you the freedom to manage both your life and career responsibilities. It’s also a great way to squeeze in a freelance job if you can manage it.

However, telecommuting can be a nightmare for people who don’t know how to juggle their time and are not prepared enough for the hazards of this type of work schedule. If they are not disciplined enough or do not have the right tools related with their work, they may even be more unproductive. It takes a deep level of commitment to be able to enjoy the many benefits of remote working. To be a master in telecommuting, here are some useful tips that may guide you.

Tips To Successful Remote Working

Create a Routine

One of the main problems with telecommuting is that home and work duties are often blurred. Set a time schedule and always stick to it. Working schedules may vary depending on your work commitments and your family schedules. Set limits on your work, allowing only a specific time for every task depending on its difficulty. When your work schedule is up, save your work and wrap everything up and proceed to spending some family time.   Have your own workplace inside your home so as not to be distracted. Make sure your family is onboard with your schedule.

Be Empowered with the Right Technology

Just because you work from home, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be equipped with full office functionality. Work with your company to be provided with the proper technology to make your work easier and more productive. Services like RingCentral business phone systems allow you to be reached by your company or clients anytime anywhere through any web access devices through VoIP technology. Dropbox, an online server provider, enables you to get hold of company data, related to your task through the web. Most of these online providers require you to create an account for security purposes. Not only is it very cost effective with very low monthly rates, but also these powerful tools will definitely be a big help in making you more efficient.

Invest in the Right Devices

Whether you or your company will provide you with the necessary gadgets that are needed for your work, ensure that your equipment are of the proper specifications that let’s you communicate better with your colleagues. What good is your mobile technology if your phone isn’t programmed to receive VoIP calls, or your PC is so outdated that it is processing slowly. Upgrade your equipment and Internet service to be able to work efficiently. Smartphones, tablets and laptops that connect to company infrastructure give you the convenience of being able to work anywhere, whether at home, or out doing groceries.

Leverage same Collaboration Tools

If your coworkers are all working remotely and each have their own favorite cloud storage or email provider, then using several different tools can lead to major control issues. Companies with remote workers should select one collaboration tool that applies to all employees and that can be accessed via any mobile device. This is to create a seamless teamwork, making your tasks done faster and ultimately, generating more profits for your company.

Embrace Security

Letting you work outside the office enables you to access company data outside your company’s firewall. That means that cyber attacks will have a much easier job infiltrating your workplace since you have less security. Telecommuters should work with their company’s IT administrators with regards to creating a secure connection to be able to access company data safely. With laptops or tablets easily lost or stolen, ensure that they have programs installed that can remotely wipe out all company data so that no one outside your company can access any files or documents.


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