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The GPS-Cellphone story-

As soon as tracking cellular devices became a reality, questions began to prop up. A significant amount of people raised concerns about such programs being used for notorious activities. But, after conducting extensive studies and surveys, it was concluded that solid security measures had been undertaken to prevent the same. After the software had been installed, only a confidential password and username could initiate the tracing process.

The chances of hackers gaining access to the details are minimal as breaking through the security measures would require a lot of effort.  However it has been advised to maintain a password containing both numbers and alphabets and to utilize safe terminals while logging in to view the location of the cellular device. The passwords furthermore should be changed periodically. But, care needs to be taken to obtain consent for the tracking activities. Absence of consent defeats the entire purpose of tracking. If the relationship is fiduciary in nature, i.e. that between a parent and their children or between people who have real authority over others, consent does not play a major role. But in other cases, it is a defining feature of the process of tracking.

The Varieties-

Cellphones can be easily tracked using services which provide for the same. These services help in maintaining continuous contact with friends and family alike.

Google Latitude: The GPS mobile phone locator in Google, known as the Google Latitude was produced into the mainstream market quite recently. It generally functions the best in cellular devices integrated with the GPS system or the GPS chip but that does not mean it cannot work on other phones. It works well even in phones without a GPS navigation system. The program can be downloaded from the Google Latitude website and used to track the movements of friends and family members alike who also need to be subscribed to the program for the tracking procedure to be conducted.

Buddyway:  This service comes in handy when people go for trips. It helps them to document or collate their travels by constantly tracking the coordinates of the cellphone when in town or otherwise. This can be installed on the cellular devices and does not require any additional charge. It aids in the periodic tracking of movements even on maps in Google and also displays the routes undertaken for travel on Google in 3D. The routes undertaken for travel can thus be easily shared with friend and family alike.

Glympse: Produced in recent times, it has been identified as one of the best GPS systems on cellular devices. It was designed with the sole motive of tracking the movement of people online and keeps in sync with them as finding them physically is quite an arduous task. It is very user friendly and is highly efficient. The route one takes can be instantly shared with friends and family members and is also time saving and cost effective.

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