Latest Galaxy Note 9

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When you buy a phone you don’t just get a phone but u get yourself the real deal. Samsung Galaxy Note 9 the newest and latest Samsung edition that has amazing and interesting features has just made its way to the world.

More storage, long lasting battery life a new S. pen and a bigger screen which is one of the important features is something you should look forward to when getting the new Galaxy Note Moreover it has introduced a different kind of an S.9 pen that does not only help in writing but has a Bluetooth connectivity it can be used for drawing, video editing and note taking.

Note 9 has the best display, it has a bright, sharp as well as the best colourful screen that will make it easier to read in any condition and the phone comes with unique colours that are purple and blue. Although these will not help you with your real money online casino slots gaming it improves the aesthetics.

The phone has a bigger and stronger battery that lasts up to 12 hours. It also has amazing built-in storage that takes away the worry of space. The micro SD slot supports up to 512GB which totals to over 1 terabyte of space ion your phone.

It is water resistant and you can take pictures in the pool and it cannot get affected by the water. It has the best cameras both at the front and the back and it comes with a new AI feature that can detect what it’s taking a picture of and it adjusts the camera settings to the colours and exposure so that it takes the best shots.

Although it has been the best and fast phone that can run multiple applications including gambling and sports betting apps (visit for more information) at once, it has also had its weaknesses. However, the phone has received its own share of criticisms from the public.

As far as the price is concerned the Note 9 is not expensive as it is ranging from $999, but you always get the best at a higher cost.


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