The Best Games To Play On Your Smartphone

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The next time you look at your smartphone, what it is for? Did you pick it up to check mails, the new message that came on WhatsApp or to play a quick game? Around 65% of online games are today played on mobiles. So, how many games do you have on your smartphone? Do you have the best ones, that can give you entertainment and challenge at the same time?

The Best Games To Play On Your Smartphone

Check these top games that you can play on your smartphone and have unlimited fun anytime you want. The games suggested are a mixed bag, so no matter what your preferences may be, there is something for you right here.

Hidden Folks

This is a new game that has just come up and is great to check how sharp is your observation skills. The game is all about searching for various characters and items that are hidden in the sprawling hand drawn environment. The game is available for both the Android and iOS users and all you have to do is look for the hidden creatures in the significantly detailed environments.

Reigns: Her Majesty

A bit of history and some amount of challenge, both add up to make your new favorite smartphone game called Reigns: Her Majesty. As you pick levels you find more characters, new abilities and also items that offer a deeper gameplay experience. It is a fun way to enjoy a challenging game without historical characters.

Online Rummy games

Rummy card game is quite traditional, and you must have played it some time or the other. How about trying online rummy and winning real cash as well. Yes, the online rummy games that are played on mobiles can get you real cash as rewards. With cash games running for short duration like 10-15 minutes, it is simple to get started and add cash to your wallet. If you have never tried this before, you can learn how to play rummy quickly and then try the cash games.

Flip Flop Solitaire

This is a new way to reinvent solitaire. It is a fun version of the classic game and can keep you hooked for quite a while. The concept is based on Spider Solitaire and players have more options on how to move cards around and go deeper in this strategic version of the original game.

Alto’s Adventure

Well, this game is not a new entry in the smartphone game favorites. However, it still remains a spectacular game. It is an endless runner game where you are snowboarding down a serene mountain chasing lost llamas. Of course, there is a trick system for grinding rails and backflips along the way. The game is simply gorgeous, and you will not mind playing it over and over again.

Dhoom:3 The Game

If you have watched the movie and had fun, now it is time to play the game as well. The game is a 3D bike racer and is quite popular with bike lovers. Players will have to navigate the streets of Chicago and of course win the race. The speed, challenge and the love for the avatars make this game a popular choice.

Real Cricket 14

A cricket loving nation like India can never really ignore this game. This is a cricket simulation game for mobile phones and tablets. The game offers Diverse modes, Exhibition, Tournaments like the T20 World Cup, Masters Cup and more. So, when the cricket fever gets high, you start playing this smartphone game.

There are many more games and of course the popular ones as well. What you need to do is get started by trying each one of them and having a good time on your smartphone. Of course, there are games like indian rummy that offer real money as well to Indian players. There is another game called HQ Trivia that also offers real cash as rewards, however doesn’t work for Indians.

Download these fun games and let your phone work truly like a smartphone. Remember, there could be some games that require you to be online all through. Offline games are limited, however with cheap data plans, playing games uninterrupted is so much simpler.


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