Successful Sales Secrets

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When you’re approaching a sales problem, then success is vital. You’re committing resources in the hope of generating revenue and if you fail, there’s no way to recoup that lost time and money. You’re always looking for an edge: not a shortcut, but a way to narrow the odds and make success feel less like a gamble and more achievable.

Today we’re here to share a couple of secrets that can drive you towards better results, more revenue and bigger bonuses!

Successful Segmentation

It’s too easy to fall into the trap of describing your customers with a single, all-encompassing quality. “Over 65”, “Young parents”, “Students”, all of these are simple descriptors you can use as the foundation of a marketing campaign, and all of them sell short your audience and mean you miss out on key revenue opportunities.

If you’re looking for a full marketing segmentation definition and examples, you’ll need to partner up with a market research company to get a specific answer for your business, but we can start you off. Marketing segmentation is the division of your market into different groups (or segments), with their unique qualities, needs and, of course, spending power. This lets you prioritise, targeting different segments with bespoke ads and an appropriate spend for the return you expect.

This sort of specificity can supercharge your marketing, and turn your ROI up to 11.

Know the Product

Whether you’re selling direct to customers, overseeing a marketing campaign for a successful e-commerce company, or selling the idea of your company to potential investors, you need to know your product and have faith in its strengths.

Customers will always ask questions, and if you can’t meet them with positive, expert answers you’re going to undermine the customer’s trust in the whole interaction. Try to make sure you’re always being honest, so if you’re not able to tell a customer you’ve used a product yourself, or give an authoritative answer to their questions, have something to fall back. If you’ve not used the product yourself, have you seen it in action? Do you intend to the next time you upgrade?

If you don’t have visible expertise and confidence in the product, your interactions will come across as insincere and untrustworthy. Trust is the ultimate currency of sales, so cultivate the expert knowledge that means customers will trust you, your ads and your brand, from top to bottom, and make choosing your company an easy decision.


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