Samsung Galaxy Note 4: Working With The Best Phone

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Samsung Galaxy Note series is getting better and better after every new member launch. The most recent Galaxy Note 4 is an example of quality and excellent work from Samsung. The new Note 4 is configured with 2K resolution display, good design and amazing powerful processor.

And working with the new Galaxy Note 4 is not only interesting but playful too. Note 4 runs the latest TouchWiz. To the left of the home screen with TouchWiz is a desktop review of news aggregator programs Briefing-Flipboard. The second desktop: S Health Program widget and opportunities to work with a pen – making writing and drawing, drawing on the desktop, taking screenshots of arbitrary shape and so on.

Third desktop – widget with recommended applications and widgets with free applications. The notification area with fast switches shows the brightness adjustment, quick search by category S Finder and quick connection to compatible devices (TV, audio equipment, and so on).

Samsung Galaxy Note 4: Working With The Best Phone

Lock screen, which can output messages of missed calls and messages. Using a special icon can go directly to the application “Camera”. The left soft key – the list of recently run applications. If you allow multi-mode, then those applications that can be converted into a window, upper right, a special icon. There are visible features: moving the window, minimize it in the active icon, move freely around the screen (as in the Messenger Facebook), the disclosure on the full screen, closing.

When you long press on the “Return” bar appears with quick access to application windows. Application Manager – here you can close unnecessary applications that consume electricity.

The sensitivity of the sensor layer is increased, the display now perceives a difference in pen pressure, and accordingly change the thickness of lines and strokes. When removing the stylus or by pressing a button on the pen pulling appears here is a menu of actions: the creation of active notes, capture rectangular screen shot with the recognition, image capture free-form drawing on the screen shot.

Active notes – a very interesting thing. When selecting the active window appears notes application with which you can write some text, and then hang it on a specific action (special icon at the top left): call to the right person, write to the person, send a SMS / MMS, write a letter, to open link in your browser, browse maps, create a task.

Of course, there is recognition feature works, and works just great – it manages to recognize MY handwriting, and not something that is artificial. The second menu item – you have the choice of an arbitrary rectangular part of the screen, and you can just save the screenshot as above into this album, and it is possible to recognize the text in it.

Yes the functionality and working of Galaxy Note 4 is really great but something is still missing. It could be more fun while working with new Note, so we can expect Samsung will do the serious work on Galaxy Note 5 to make it a verdict.


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