App Marketing: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

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At Gummicube, we pride ourselves on leading the pack for quality app marketing. From selecting the best keywords to creating smart and searchable descriptions, we use our proprietary technology, coupled with our access to exclusive data, to create turnkey ASO solutions. On the other hand, not all app marketing falls into the Good category; in fact, many developers aren’t quite making the grade when it comes to marketing their mobile apps. Here are some examples of mobile app marketing techniques that are Bad and even Ugly:

App Marketing: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Keyword Stuffing

It’s only logical to want to increase search volume for your app. However, stuffing your title and keyword list with popular terms is not a smart app marketing practice. Not only can keyword stuffing generate irrelevant traffic for your app, but it may also make for an unpleasant user experience. Additionally, as mobile app competition continues to grow, app stores are starting to crack down on developers who use this type of practice. In the end, keyword stuffing could even result in your app being rejected by the App Store.

Avoiding Competitive Terms

Marketers are often tempted to avoid competitive keywords during the early stages of their campaigns. And while it’s easier to rank for sub-par keywords, targeting these terms is unlikely to benefit your app in the long run, as they generate little to no search volume. For best results, developers should choose the most relevant keywords for their products and adapt their keyword lists as needed. Contact Gummicube for help identifying the phrases most likely to generate qualified leads for your mobile app.

Neglecting Descriptions

Another common mistake among app developers is neglecting their product descriptions. Because the App Store utilizes the description in assessing app relevance, marketers must take care when determining what keywords and phrases to include. In general, you should create a simple, clear description that incorporates important keywords naturally and reveals the app’s main purpose. Remember, your description is one of the first things audience members see, and you have only a sentence or two to hook them.

Let Gummicube Launch Your App Marketing Campaign

At Gummicube, delivering on the promise we make to our partners is our top priority. From optimizing your keywords to conducting testing with app focus groups, we will do everything in our power to ensure your mobile app reaches its desired audience. Call today or contact us online to launch your app marketing campaign.


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