How to Sync Event Reminders on your Mac and iPhone

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What is this all about? Actually, it is your advantage to create an alert on the per-event starting point, as well as sending those alerts to your iPhone notification or Mac’s screen at a pre-defined period.

Once you have created an event on your Calendar application, just double click the event to view the information panel setting. Then point out the alert drop downward menu to choose the category of alert you desire to generate. Also, you are allowed to make a message, email, open file and message with tune or music.

In addition, a message with tune is in fact a distinctive alert. This will lead to your Mac to buzz and put on view the message on your screen. Besides from that, you may also include the message viewed though same date, the date before, x-days after, x-days before, as well as on the exact day. If the event is not all day, in that case you are allowed to choose mins before, hrs before, mins after, as well as hrs after. In reality, if you put into use the modified, the Calendar application will take you back of the event on its time particularized.

Even though you do not apply Calendar or an iCal on the Mac, only on your iPhone – you are allowed to arrange alerts for the event if you want to. Also, when you make another event, just tap the “Alert” button and then, put an alert, categorizing as of the occasion rear to 2 days by the occasion. Finally, for the events you have already sets in your calendar – just hit one, click the “Edit” button at the summit right, and then click the alert part.

How to Sync Event Reminders on your Mac and iPhone

Moreover, iCloud is very important with this application. It assists you to permit the support on the iOS tools online before the usual method of supporting to your Mac or computer. As a matter of fact, a huge help of this, the back ups are able to bring back on your iOS tools with no hassle in connecting your tool at your PC. In addition, with iCloud, it will easily synchronized transversely on your tools – to make possible the alike file to display on any class of iCloud allowed tools that contain Safari set up. On the other hand, one great factor of this app is you can simply synchronize you open-tabs in Safari transversely the tools. Open three tabs within unlike WebPages on the Mac, as well as they will display all – when you unlock Safari through iPhone spy, as well as vice versa.

What is more, each iCloud description comes by means of 5 GB at no cost of storage space that is for laid-back comes out will be already enough. Extra storage spaces are able to acquire in amount of 50, 20, as well as 50 GB. Each one of extra 10 GB which you acquired will have a rate of €16, £14, as well as $20. Last of all, the most rates you can buy is 50 GB that will have you 55 GB in full amount when you comprise the 5 GB at no cost of storage that you obtain only for taking the service.


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