Five Latest Technological Wonders

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a.) A clock which also forecasts weather
Many people often would like to wake up in the morning and get to know the temperature of the environment around them without looking at the television or peeping outside the window in their rooms. Someone noted that the first thing that many people see when they wake up is their bedside clock and alarm, and determined that the clock could be fitted with features of telling both the time and the temperature prevailing in the outside and even the weather state in totality.

While it is a simple device, the clock has also been designed so stylishly that it can double up as one of the beautifications in the house

b.) The air car
One of the biggest causes of global warming are automobiles, in 2007 though, an Indian company came up with a prototype of the first ever car to run on air. Other companies took up the challenge and are promising to come up with their own version of these cars. With such development in place, environmental pollution brought about by vehicles will be cut down tremendously and could even end.

It is hoped that very soon, the number of AirCars produced will reach and even exceed 10000 units annually. The launched models are some with two three and six passenger capacities.

c.) The sanitizing wand
We are all advised to wash our homes, dishes, footwear surfaces and other items with clean water and soap everyday to kill germs. However, a new invention might soon make this statement history. Just passing the sanitizing wand over the targeted items or surfaces can clean them up and get rid of all allergens including germs and viruses.
The Ultra Violet light that has been known to kill 99.9% of bacteria and is invisible and sanitizes areas where it is passed over. It is effective in eliminating all traces of mold, spores and also removes odors.

When raised to face upwards while still on, the light goes off automatically to protect the user’s eyes and skin from the dangerous light. It is light in weight and can last for 7 years if well used and taken care of.

d.) Spy camera
From a distance, the pen looks just like any other normal one, with little or no betrayal that it has a spy camera that is inbuilt. Designed for people who like playing inspector, the pen comes in various colors including black, blue and red. It can be used to record anything within a distance of up to twenty meters.

Though it has an internal memory of 64Megabytes, it can be fitted with an SD memory card of two Gigabytes. Pictures and sound are taken in JPEG and MP3 formats respectively. It is also fitted with a 1w speaker.

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