Essential Elements That Should Not Miss From Your Blog Design

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UntitledA blog is a great way of sharing your thoughts and ideas with the rest of the world. There are millions of blogs on the web today and each year, millions more come in. At this rate, it is tough to stand out from the rest. However, you can use to design an attractive website free. Some of the most essential elements you should not forget to include in the blog are:

Appealing colors

The colors you choose to use in your blog must be inviting if you want people to give it a second look. If you use very light colors, they will be blinding to your guests, and they will not bear to look at the content of your blog after as few seconds. Then you can kiss your traffic goodbye. Try to use light backgrounds with dark colors such as black, dark green or dark blue.

Readable text

There is no point of having a blog if no one will be able to read your content. Your fonts should be simple to be legible and large enough for users to read them on high-resolution screens. Even though you can use different fonts in different parts of your article such as on the tiles and subtitles, you should ensure they are not too stylized for your guests to read. Stick to fonts that are web friendly such as Calibri, Verdana or Georgia.

Keep the pages short

People who read blogs do not like to scroll down the pages. That is why they prefer reading blogs because the pages are short, which display a few blogs posts at a time. Go to your blog settings and configure them to display not more than 10 posts at a time. If you have lengthy blog posts, use the HTML more tag feature to split them into two parts such that only the first part is visible on your main page. The viewers can the access the remaining part on the post by clicking the link you have provided.

Easy navigation

You should make it easier for your visitors to find their way around your blog. They should be able to find the blog posts easily as well as your profile and any other information. Do not give them a reason to click away from your blog once they stumble upon it. You should also make it easier for them to search for specific posts or archive files on the blog. You can do this by including a search function on the site.

Your profile or bio

Regardless of the nature of your blog, you must include a personal touch because that is among the distinguishing elements of blogs. Nothing says personal more than your profile or bio. You must sit down and decide careful what to share before you make your own website for free. Tell your readers, who you are, what you do and why you are qualified to write the content, you are writing on your blog. You should not forget to leave a contact form for your readers to reach you.



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