5 Reasons to Get Your Business on Twitter

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There are a variety of reasons to get your business on Twitter and almost no reasons why you shouldn’t. These are a few examples of the best reasons, and why it’s to your business’ advantage to join Twitter and interact with customers.

5 Reasons to Get Your Business on Twitter

1. Information

People could already be discussing your business on Twitter. Whether they are talking specifically about your business, or whether it’s information pertaining to your industry, Twitter is an inexpensive, direct way to obtain information that was previously only available through focus groups. By watching how customers react to other businesses in the same industry, your business can apply that knowledge to its own efforts. If you see that your competition is failing in one area of business, you could make that a primary focus.

2. Visibility

If customers are not already talking specifically about your business right now, they will be if you plan on dealing with the public through goods or services. You’ll want to be visible to connect with customers. Almost half of the buying public is on Twitter at one time or another, and it’s become integrated into the daily lives of many consumers. You want customers talking about your brand or your company. Businesses that ignore Twitter do so at a risk. If your business isn’t talking to customers, your competition is.

3. Reputation Management

Instead of venting about lousy customer service or faulty products to the company, customers will get on Twitter and tell their friends and those that are following them. If your business is on Twitter, you’re better able to deal with customer complaints. Listening and responding favorably to customer complaints and trying to rectify it will go a long way towards gaining customers in the future. Before social media, dissatisfied customers might tell their few friends and immediate family, now, they have thousands of people they can share that information with in an instant. On the flip side, ff you fix their complaints, they’ll be sure to tweet that too.

4. Marketing and Branding

Companies that are on Twitter interacting with their customers are the ones to be remembered. It’s a fairly easy and inexpensive way to create brand loyalty and market to new customers. It takes only time and a few tools to get your business on Twitter and instantly in front of potential customers. When creating a brand or logo, beware of making it too impersonal. Unless it’s a popular brand, customers want to talk to real people. They want a face with which to communicate.

5. Efficiency

There are many free software programs to help automate tweets and gain exposure. This means one avenue of marketing and promotion is done with little more than the time invested. It costs nothing to get started with Twitter, gain followers and tweet various promotions and marketing campaigns. This means any increased sales is mostly profit.

With no starting costs, Twitter is a cost-efficient way to promote your business and connect with customers. This is true for small business start ups run by solo business owners to restaurant owners to big businesses. So no need to wait any longer refer to a local internet provider or internetproviders.net, get some internet for your business.  Join twitter and start tweeting.


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