Things To Know When Buying A Tablet

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Virtually everyone owns a tablet these days and given the many advantages of using a portable computing device, you are probably interested in buying one, too. Before you spend your hard earned money for a tablet, it pays to know several things that can help you make informed decisions when shopping for this device. Here are some of the things you should know when buying a tablet:

• Know How You Intend to Use Your Tablet

One of the first things that you need to know before purchasing a tablet is its intended use. Why do you want to buy a tablet in the first place? Knowing how you intend to use your tablet can give you an idea of what specifications you should look for when shopping around. If you intend to use your tablet to make free video calls via a mobile app from your VoIP provider, you should see to it that you purchase a tablet that has cameras and video calling capabilities. If you plan to use the tablet to store your photos and videos, you should look for a tablet with high storage capacity. Although newer tablets often provide more functionalities, see to it that you check the specifications of any model you intend to buy so you know whether a particular tablet can be used for specific tasks.

• Some Tablets Do not Have the Features that You Need

Tablets can be a very versatile computing device but it has limitations. Knowing the limitations of a particular tablet can help you avoid purchasing tablets that cannot provide you the solutions that you need. If you are purchasing a tablet to watch videos, for example, you should be aware that there are models that do not support certain video formats. Some high definition games and applications do not also work on older tablet models so you are better off buying newer models if you are looking forward to playing HD games on your tablet.

• More Storage Means A Higher Price

Storage comes at a price when it comes to tablets. Since you can’t use a removable drive to store the contents of your tablet, you might have to pay for a tablet with more storage capacity if you need to store lots of data and applications in your tablet. Base model tablets provide memory that can handle a small library of music files, several photos and apps but if you intend to use high definition apps in your tablet, you may have to allot budget for a tablet that can provide you with more storage. It is recommended that you invest in a tablet that can provide you with about 30 GB of memory so you can make the most of your tablet’s features and functionalities. If you can’t afford a higher priced tablet with more storage space, you may just have to limit the applications you use and the data you store in your tablet. Avoid storing movie length videos in your tablet to save space. Alternatively, make use of cloud storage. You can access the files you store in the cloud as long as you can connect to the internet using your tablet.

• Data Plans can be a Waste of Money

A lot of tablets including the iPad and the Galaxy Tab come with optional data plans that can provide you with access to the internet via 3G or 4G service. Availing of such a plan may be necessary if you always travel and need access to the internet. However, availing of a data plan for your tablet can cost you unnecessary expense if most areas you visit have Wi-Fi.


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