3 Ways to Confirm your Opponent is an Amateur Rummy Player

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Online rummy is a trending online card game. Every day millions and millions of people across the world play their favourite rummy game. On the other hand, rummy websites have increased in the recent past too. Since the registration is free, and you could start playing immediately and win prizes also, many people are smitten by the online format. In the process, it wouldn’t be a surprise if you bump into amateur players while playing online rummy games. If you are reasonably good at rummy, playing against an inexperienced player or a rookie would increase your chances of a win. But, it is essential that you identify the amateur players from the seasoned ones.

Here is a list of exciting yet straightforward ways to confirm your opponent is an amateur player.

  1. The tendency to join cash games on registration

Most of the websites offer free cash bonus free the players do the registration. The amateur player tends to play cash games immediately after the registering on these sites. The popular rummy sites offer ample practice games and free games for players to get enough practice playing online rummy before they start playing cash games. But, amateur players in their hurry to make use of the free cash bonus and with a sole interest to make quick money join cash tables and taste failure. You can easily spot such amateur players as they do not make use of practice and free tables to improve their rummy skills and do not indulge in playing different formats of online rummy to enhance their expertise in the game.

  1. Focusing on one’s card only

Rummy is not credited for being a skill game for no reason. It is a game where you need to concentrate not only on your cards alone but keep an eye on the cards your opponents discard and which ones get picked from the closed deck. It requires a collective approach of understanding your position and calculating your opponents’ chances of winning. Amateur players who are novices to the game, more often than not, concentrate only on the cards at hand. They fail to realise the importance of watching their opponents’ game to understand want melds they are likely working. The lack of such observation will lead to more than expected failures for them in the games.

  1. Not knowing when to drop

As a strategy, the drop holds great significance in online rummy. Amateur players very often fail miserably due to their incompetence in deciding when to drop. By virtue, deciding to opt for a drop does not mean a failure in the game; rather, it is a well thought-out strategy that you exercise after you evaluate your odds of winning. A seasoned rummy player would vouch for drop strategy as he/ she understands you could save yourself from getting penalised with points. Regular practice of the games along with keen concentration will help you implement the drop strategy with finesse.


Being unaware of the nuances of the game could be one of the initial shortcomings of an amateur player. But, success beckons when you quickly and smartly pick up the game.


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