What to Do if You Spill on Your Laptop

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We all have spilled liquid on our laptop at one time or the other – from soda, coffee, water or even juice.

Having to think of the cost of repairs can be pretty much be stressful since they are kind of expensive. If you aren’t careful, you can miss out on the virgin casino promotional code 2018 too!

A lot of the companies that manufacture laptops don’t give a warranty to spillage.

The Top Tips to Help You After a Laptop Spill

 The following are some tips to follow immediately you spill on your laptop. Though they are not a guarantee it is better to seek professional help.

  1. Turn off and unplug the laptop from any power source connected to it.

To disconnect a laptop simply just unplug the laptop cable. Turning off the laptop can be a bit risky especially if the liquid has touched the circuits. This can result to a short out ,so just immediately turn off the laptop and be careful.

  1. Try and get rid of any residual liquid.

It’s sure to help reduce the risk of any electrical shocks that can leave permanent damage to the components of the  laptop.

  1. Remove the battery.

Turn the laptop upside down and just tug the battery. For a Mac book this can be a bit hard since you have to unscrew the bottom of the laptop from the rest of the body.

  1. Unplug any external hardware.

This can include devices such as USB, , mouse, memory cards or a laptop charger. This ensures that no device is draining power from the systems laptop.

  1. Open your laptop as wide as possible and face it down to let it drain.

Have a towel placed on a flat surface, this is where you will leave your laptop for a few days to let it warm and dry. It is advised that when opening the laptop in a triangle faced shape will help the liquid evaporate faster.

  1. Take a piece of towel and wipe off any excess liquid.

With your laptop still faced down try and wipe off any excess liquid. Opening the laptop at this stage can still be a bit dangerous. But if your comfortable one can unscrew the backplate and gently wipe the components.

  1. Get safe and ground yourself before unscrewing the laptop and touching the internal components.

Safety is paramount.  In most occasions  when one is in shock, their safety goes out through the window. It is essential to remove oneself from any potential shock hazard. This is by removing any wet clothes and getting away from any standing water. If you see any smoke or heat coming from the laptop avoid handling it.

  1. Try and remove any hardware that you can.

If you are tech savvy and don’t want to spend money on the laptop you can decide to open it up ans clean it yourself. But, if your not comfortable and familiar with the laptops RAM it is better to take to a professional. You can still find a manual or do some Internet research about the same model and you will be familiar with its components. For a Mac you have to unscrew the ten screws to separate the house from the base.


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