Why You Should Care About The Security Of Your Mobile Device

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Experts have predicted that the sale of mobile devices will continue their meteoric rise this year. Thus, it only makes sense that the number of attempts to attack them will be on the rise as well. More than ever before, we are storing important information on our devices; information that can be easily obtained if we haven’t taken steps to protect our devices from these threats.

Although our mobile devices have allowed us many conveniences, they are inherently insecure. The fact that they are so easy to carry around means that they are also easily lost or stolen. As well, it’s a fact that a large number of mobile device users don’t understand the risks of not having some kind of security in place, and aren’t sure how to make their devices more secure.

Why You Should Care About The Security Of Your Mobile Device

Attacks Don’t Discriminate

Thieves looking to obtain personal info won’t care where they’re getting it from. Every device, regardless of its operating system can be compromised in one way or another, even if it’s someone who is looking over your shoulder as you use your device. Although these tips may seem obvious when discussing computer security, many of them simply aren’t applied to our mobile devices.

Be Aware

There are many mobile users who still believe that mobile phones are immune to hacking attempts. But this couldn’t be farther from the truth. Did you know that malware is the main method mobile hackers use to get the information that may be stored on your device? Malware can be downloaded when you connect your device to the internet.

And while there are programs available to keep your mobile device secure, common sense can be just as effective. For example, you may log into sensitive places like your bank account while you’re on the go, but do you really need to? And is waving your phone around on a weekend evening at a club really a good idea?

Another way hackers can get to the information on your device is via the apps you download. Any app can have an unpleasant surprise included with it, such as spyware and phishing screens which have been designed to obtain your information.

Keep It Secure

Your device contains many options for security. While they are too numerous to mention for all devices here, the advice is to get familiar with the security options available on your phone. Some settings, like applying a password may not seem very sophisticated, but it’s sometimes the simplest things that can have the most impact on your device’s level of security and your peace of mind.

Back It Up

Backing up the data on your device is just as important as conducting regular backups on your computer. Your device most likely has more than one way to back up its data. And so why not take advantage of as many as possible? Each option is there for a reason.

Stay Educated

Keeping up to date on the advances in mobile security can result in you being prepared for even the most current threats. Plus, you can pass along any information to family or friends so that they can learn how to protect their own devices.

Not panicking about the security of your mobile device is also a good idea. Too much worry can lead to unnecessary panic, which won’t help anyone. Instead, think of it this way: how panicked would you be if something were to happen to your device? The more panicked you think you would be, the higher the level of care you should put into the security of your device.

Guest author Jesse Schwarz writes on a variety of technology-related topics, including internet safety at home and on the go. He is a frequent contributor at http://www.internet-serviceproviders.com/, a site that specializes in internet safety, security and anti virus advice.


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