The Money Saving Apps You Can’t Live Without

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Today, we live in the world of technology. Almost, if not everyone, has a cell phone. There are various apps used on a daily basis to assist people with certain tasks (i.e. finding directions, listening to music, places to eat, etc.) However, there are now apps for more important factors in life, such as how to budget your money. Take a look at the following apps that you might find to be helpful when it comes to saving money. If one seems to fit your particular needs, don’t hesitate to download it.

The Money Saving Apps You Can’t Live Without

Different Apps

Luckily, there are apps that can do just about anything. The following are a list of helpful apps when it comes to learning how to budget.

  • Money For iPhone
    • This app has many incentives as to why it should be downloaded. For instances, you can set various budgets for different categories. This app will be particularly helpful for those who wish to separate their budgets among categories (i.e. groceries, gas, etc). This app can also keep track of how much money you have and all of your debts. Check it out.

  • iXpenselt
    • This app can help you keep track of all of your money and where it exactly goes. This specific app is noted for being quick and very easy to use. Ranges of features are presented with this app, such as: upcoming bill reminders, account transfers, income and cash flow, monthly expenses, and much more. Check it out.

  • Toshl Finance
    • This app is very similar to the other apps that have been listed. You can accomplish several goals with this app, including: checking your bank balance, seeing where your money goes, how much money is coming in and leaving, etc. However, this app has another great and rare feature: foreign currency support. This app can assist you with expenses that take place outside of the country. Therefore, depending on your specific business, you might find this app to be particularly useful. Find more on it here.

  • MoneyWisePro
    • This app is perfect if you’re looking for a way to separate personal and work expenses. If you’re trying to juggle home and business accounts (perhaps you’re the CEO or boss of the company), then this is the app you will want to download. Now, you can conveniently handle all of your budgeting needs in one easy location. Find it here.

  • iWallet
    • This is a beginner’s tool that will teach you the various degrees of having a budgeting app. This a good and free method of beginning your budgeting needs. Basically, this app will keep track of your spending and alert you when you are reaching outside of your budget. Look at it here.

Whether you run a business or company or just have your own personal accounts to look after, budgeting can be a difficult concept to learn and constantly incorporate into you daily life style. If you have trouble keeping track of your spending habits, then you may find it imperative to download or purchase an app to help you do so. Also another way to save with phones is took look out what kind of government funded services your state currently offers.

Though apps come in different styles and prices, you can definitely find the right one for your particular needs.


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