Weight Loss Apps and Sites

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Losing weight can pose a daunting challenge for some. Whether you have trouble sticking to an exercise regimen or find it difficult to count calories, there are many pitfalls one can encounter while trying to improve their health. Luckily there are many tools you can find online and applications you can find on your phone to help you stay motivated and organized while you lose weight. Here’s a list of some of the best weight loss applications and websites.

Weight Loss Apps and Sites

Lose It: This application has a companion website and on both you can track your daily food intake, set Nutrition, Fitness and weight loss goals for yourself and share your weight loss progress. In addition, Lose It connects with many popular fitness applications such as Nike+ or Runner so you can incorporate your Fitness stats into your weight loss program.

7-minute workouts: This application gives you access to tons of 7 Minute Workouts so you will always have access to an easy exercise plan while on the go. This is ideal for those who are new to Fitness or those who have an extremely busy schedule and can’t squeeze in a full half an hour exercise routine

Sparkpeople.com: This online fitness Community features many helpful tools for dieters. It is designed not just help you reach your weight loss goals but adapt lifelong healthy practices. With a database full of healthy recipes, exercise videos, and motivational quizzes and inspirational weight loss stories SparkPeople has what it takes to keep you focused on your weight loss goals.

Fitday.com: Fitday is a highly popular website with dieters looking to log their daily food intake. Either use their food chart template or make your own customized chart and log all your meals for the day. The website automatically creates a pie chart that shows you where your calories are coming from. As well as tracking your caloric intake it also provides you with insight into the nutritional value of your meals by telling you how much sugar, saturated fat, etc. you’ve consumed that day.

Now that you know some of the best weight loss apps and websites be sure to use them alongside your diet and exercise regimen for maximum results. And if you’re looking for a highly efficient and delicious nutrition plan check out Groupon Coupons page for Medifest1 where they have everything from snacks to shakes.


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