Types Of Electric Hand Dryers For Business Restrooms

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If your business offers public restrooms, then you need to supply them with a way for your patrons to dry their hands after washing them. While you can purchase paper towels or linen towel rolls for this purpose, electric hand dryers are a more economical option. Here are some of the types of electric hand dryers you will find on the market.

Types Of Electric Hand Dryers For Business Restrooms

Push Button Hand Dryers

When you’re looking for hand dryers for your company’s restrooms, push button hand dryers will be the least expensive option. Along with being inexpensive upfront, they are efficient as well because they can help you cut costs by 85 percent more than the use of disposable hand-drying products would. When the button is pushed to activate the hand dryer, it will run for about 45 seconds in order to dry a person’s hands.

Some push button hand dryers automatically shut off after about 80 seconds, but you can also find versions that will cut off much sooner. You can purchase push button hand dryers with a rotating nozzle so they can be used to dry hair and faces as well as hands. You will be able to buy cheap hand dryers from www.electricaldealsdirect.co.uk for your business.

Automatic Hand Dryers:

One reason many businesses are using automatic hand dryers is that they only run when someone is using them. Automatic hand dryers have a sensor to activate the dryers when people stick their hands beneath them, then when they are finished using the hand dryers and pull their hands back, they will shut off. This can help your business save up to 90 percent over the cost of other hand drying methods.

Automatic hand dryers are also more popular because they do not require touching the button to activate the air. This means fewer germs are passed from person to person, lessening the chance of people catching colds or other contagious illnesses from touching the push button on a hand dryer. Most push button and automatic hand dryers are available in hot or cold air versions.

Quick Hand Dryers

Many people do not like using hand dryers because they are sometimes slow to get their hands dry. However, there are quick dry versions that will help completely dry wet hands in about 10 to 15 seconds. This type of hand dryer means that you can save up to 95 percent over the cost of using consumable products for drying hands.

Most hand dryers are available in chrome, stainless steel, or in white or black finishes. Hand dryers are no longer bulky boxes that hang on the wall, but you can find slimmer hand dryers that take up less space in the bathroom. In addition, you can also find hand dryers that produce less noise than older hand dryers.

Installing hand dryers in your public and employee restrooms will help eliminate the need for paper towels or linen towel rolls, which will save your business money. They are also better for helping reduce germs in public restrooms.


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