Things Every Parent Should Do Before Giving iPhones To Their Children

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UntitledKids and teens all over the globe love the iPhone due to its numerous amazing features especially the ability to play music with incredible quality. Many use their iPhones to download music from cool and popular sites such as The responsibility of buying these expensive gadgets often falls on the parents. Many parents often comply with their kids’ wishes and buy this device for them. However, parents should not just blindly allow their children to have access to these devices. Here are some things they can do before allowing them to use the device:

Set up the iPhone

Obviously, the first thing anyone does before using the iPhone is to set it up. You can do this together with your kid. If you are setting up the iPhone on a family shared computer, you should take note of a few settings. Make sure that you synchronize only an address and calendar specific to your kid on the info tab.Be careful not to sync your email with their device so that they will be able to read your mails.

Put a passcode

You should protect your child’s device by setting up a passcode. You and your child will have to enter the code each time you want to access the iPhone. This is a great way to protect your child’s privacy and that of the family in case the device is lost or stolen. You should know the passcode so that you can be able to monitor their best mp3 download sites.

Download and install apps

The function of the iPhone is greatly limited without apps. Your next step should be to download apps from the Apple store to utilize the capabilities of the device. Do not forget to install apps that enhance the safety of the device. For instance, you can fin apps that will help you find the device in case it is lost or stolen. Other apps can monitor how your child uses the web.

Restrict content

Before you hand over the device to your child set content restrictions. Apple has in-built tools in their iOS, which allow parents to control apps and content their children can access. You should make use of these tools to shield your child from unsuitable content. Use a passcode only known to you when setting up these restrictions.

Get a screen protector

The screen of the iPhone is highly sensitive. You can protect it from scratches by using screen protectors. The iPhone warranty will not cover the cost of repairing or replacing scratched or broken screens. Using screen protectors is an inexpensive way of avoiding such problems.

Use a case

Normally, children are careless and have a habit of throwing things around. The iPhone may break or damage if dropped on a hard surface. That is why you should buy a case for the iPhone before you give it to the child. The case can be made of plastic but rubber is usually the best since it absorbs the force and protects the device.


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