Some important iPad mini Tips

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The functions of iPad mini is simple-just switch it on and it becomes start but if anyone wants to go for deeper function he has to know some tips of using it. While using this device the tips will be very much useful for using this anytime. These tips also may be useful for using other devices like the iPad. The tips on using the iPad mini are given below:

iPad mini

Sync Facebook contacts and the events:

There is a Facebook page setting by using this we can sign up into the world’s largest social network. We can also set up the events and the birthday date into the calendar apps and the friend’s details into it. We may post status updates from the notification center.

Turning off the “sent from iPad” and audio equalizer:

The default iPad mini connects “sent from my iPad” to the end of anyone’s email.  We should deactivate this by mail, calendar settings; contacts or tap signature option to remove this message. The iPad device also has a audio device equalizer settings which controls the music settings. One can find this option into the music folder screen.

Start the countdown and switch the search engine:

There is a hidden away in the clock app is a timer option that one may not know. By using this option one can handle the accurate countdown. The tap safaris in settings are used to change the search engine option that one can search the answer of any question.

Turning into a kindle and adding the keyboard:

The mini iPad makes great to read any topics by using the eBook. If the eBook is locked by the kindle, one can get it back by installing the “Amazon I pad kindle apps”. By attaching the Bluetooth keyboard, one can write easily any email, important notes, easy and many others on the iPad.

Reset this device and making the wallpaper:

A reset option helps a device to get the apps without giving any harm into the selected device. For doing this, one has to press the sleep/wake up button together at least 10 seconds. One can select his own image and upload it on the screen of the I-pad to make a home screen wallpaper.

App folders:

If anyone is new to iOS he may not know about creating the folders of apps. One should tap and hold on an app, then dragging it at the top of another to make a new folder there and they are placed at the same point. This type of folder may be useful to swipe via various home screens.

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