Samsung and Nikon Launched Cameras With Android apps

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Day by day, the mobile cameras is becoming very much popular and most of the people use them to take pictures in different places to share them on the social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter etc. However, as a result of this, the sale of the photo cameras is decreasing rapidly.

However, a camera surely has some of the extra features which a mobile camera cannot have. If you consider the camera quality like stabilization of image, big sensor, optical zoom, higher mega pixels, a photo camera will always be better than a mobile camera. It is true that the sale of photo camera has become less because a mobile can be used for multipurpose which a photo camera cannot. Therefore now, the camera companies are trying to launch the cameras which will have android apps.

In several models of Samsung Galaxy and Nikon Coolpix cameras, the users can now get several icons of various android applications which are no doubt a very new trend. In fact, the outer look is also extremely similar to Android Smartphones with touch screen. Often a customer can mistake it as Android mobile set.

In these camera models one can find out various android apps like navigation program of GPS, Pandora, Firefox, Instapaper, Flipboard, angry birds and many other popular apps. This is no doubt something very special and new to the users of the photography cameras of Samsung and Nikon. The users can easily download them and run them in the same way how they run it in the android smart mobile phones.

Actually, the reason why people like mobile phones rather than the mobile camera is that, in the case of the former they don’t need to move it to the computer and then load it from there. Now, these new camera models will give you the same facility and as a result of this the difference between the mobile camera and actual photography camera will become less as both can be used in the same way. The pictures can be uploaded in the social networking sites without the help of computer in these camera sets.

Not only these cameras are able to go online, the users can also do emails, watch YouTube videos. They can also sign in to the social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter. They can also handle web surfing. One can make video calls through Skype from these camera models as well.

Both these camera models also support Wi-Fi hotspots. In fact, with the Samsung model the users can go online through the cellular networks like a mobile phone. Therefore, there will be no hindrance to get online anywhere anytime.

In these camera models the users can get higher resolution of 16 megapixels. The screen is of 4 to 8 inches. Besides, with the applications given in the camera, one can also edit the pictures in a lot better way. All these cameras are made in such a way, that those will be better than the mobile camera phones.


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