How to Use Your Smart Phone to Save Your Business

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Starting a business has never been easy because making an earning and growing a business is hard work. Overheads really take up the bulk of the earnings, especially among small businesses and startups, which is why people need to be creative in finding ways to make the little things perform.

Some basic overheads cannot be cut out because they are essential to the business, so your payrolls, utilities, rent, and of course the space you’ve been trying to get are all crucial factors and assets that bring value and capacity for growth. However, expanding your business and marketing it will require a little extra input from technology, which is where smart phones come in.

Cell phones have always been invaluable gadgets among sales people who need fast and efficient communication but with the power of a smart phone, you can get more results from the gadget. For a long time a business’s potential for growth has lied in the enthusiastic hands of very clever sales people who utilize dozens of methodologies to ensure your product reaches all the right people without costing you too much.

While the basic principles used in sales haven’t changed as much, the exact avenues used to create awareness to a product or to sustain consistent growth for a business continue to evolve as technology creates more possibilities.

The number of business using smart phones in their daily business is astounding, which suggests great potential for growth if properly utilized. Here are some of the ways smart phones are used to enhance productivity for businesses today.


This is especially crucial to sales people who are always chasing down prospects. When you’re sitting in a restaurant or in your car waiting for a prospect to appear, you can do some last minute research on the search engines and perhaps pull out significant tidbits of information, which is the starting point of any business deal.


Smart phones are great for scheduling and just like their predecessors, PDAs, they are hugely popular among business people who need specific information kept aside for their business contacts, employees, and projects. When you have all this information carefully organized in one gadget, it makes management a lot simpler.

Convenient, Efficient Communication

Laptops are great for email and so on but they don’t compare to smart phones in convenience. When you are out in the field, you need a gadget with all the capabilities of your laptop but smaller and less expensive. Smart-phones provide just that, unlimited Internet and access to information, all in your pocket.

Navigation system

This is particularly important for people spending most of their time on the road. You definitely need a smart phone to cover your navigation among other factors. Major smart phones all come with an inbuilt navigation system, which you will make use of when you dive off to that conference or business meeting.


A smart phone comes with top-of-the-line multimedia functionality, such as a high definition camera, great resolution and loads of storage for your content. If at any time you need to record and upload content to your prospects, you don’t need to rush to the office if you have your smart phone with you; you can do it on location.

The value of a modern cell phone to a business cannot be understated; pretty much any type of business can get some use out of a smart phone, which is why you need to incorporate them into your daily routine. Literally, dozens of brands are in the market and they all offer great power and efficiency, important features for the modern entrepreneur.

Author Bio: Joshua Turner is a writer who produces informative article in relation to the field for business. This article was created to offer tip on how to use a smart phone to build a business and to encourage further study in this area with a Bachelor Degree in Business.


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