Redefining the Word ‘Smart’

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The word smart when used to describe a girl is very becoming. Now it seems that when that word is placed before any device you can think of, it is possible that the device is Internet ready and is more likely a digital one. Say for example, smart TV, smart phone, smart camera, smart car, smart printer, etc. Brace yourselves but there is also a smart coffee maker, it is called so because it has Wi-Fi. When the word ‘smart’ is placed before a name of a device, I think it is also a description summarizing that the device does some things automatically.

smart devices

Some smart gadgets that can be useful for entrepreneurs include the smart phone, smart camera and smart printer. Obviously, a smart phone is a must, a need for a business person. It keeps you connected and accessible to clients, colleagues and partners especially now that most communication technologies are cloud based like Skype and Yahoo Messenger. For the less techie business people who wants to focus on deciding for their businesses and spend less time on learning these new cloud-based communication technologies, there are companies that can do it for them like RingCentral telephone service providers.

The smart camera like Samsung’s WB150F, is best fitted to those in the marketing and advertising field. Aside from its 14.2 Mega Pixels with 18x optical zoom that gives your photos a professional touch, it is Wi-Fi ready. This means photos can be uploaded to social networking and photo sharing sites like Facebook, Twitter, Photobucket, Picassa and YouTube as soon as the photos are taken. But with the ease of photo sharing and photo processing created by social networking and digital photography, businesses on a tight budget can now do their own advertising. Of course, the smart camera is an essential accessory.

The smart printer is called so because it is a generation of cloud based printers. When two colleagues cannot possibly be on the same place at the same time to work on a report or a project, cloud based technologies like Google docs can allow them to collaborate online. But in the end, the problem would be how to submit the project in hard copy to maybe a CEO. The report or project can then be printed remotely through a cloud based printer like HPs LaserJet CP1025. Does it have to be hooked up into a desktop computer? No. So you won’t have to bother other colleagues to download the report from the Internet and manually command the printer to print it out.

Mr. John Solomon of HP said during a launching of their company’s cloud based line said, “We have innovations that will arm businesses to leverage the power of imaging and printing to accelerate their business for growth. All the new innovations and products launched translate to businesses being able to better manage their flow of content.”

So what will be the next gadget or device that will go smart? Like the coffee maker, maybe the fridge will be next. But I believe that every single one of us should be smart too. With all these developments in technology around us, we should be smart enough in choosing the combination of gadgets or devices that we purchase and the services we subscribe from. This can be done when we properly asses our needs or our business’ needs and study what equipment and service will fit without having to waste resources.


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