Learn How To Become A Pro 3D Vray Artist

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How to Become A PRO 3D Vray Artist? This is one question that you might be hearing a lot in coming years from young and energetic Animators. If you are experienced 3D animators you will be required to answer this question many times and same thing happened to me. Many students and newbie animation artists approached me recently and asked how can they become a PRO 3D Vray Artist? This article is for all those newbie so that they can have clear understanding of how to become a pro Vray Artist.

In order to become a PRO3D Vray Artist, you must first have the basic knowledge of how of use the tool. Though in most of the creative fields, the theory does not play the actual role in making you a successful artist, but it plays a vital role in clearing your concepts and makes you follow the right path while creating your first animation. Therefore reading a bit and trying to figure out how things actually work is not a bad idea at all.

Here are 5 key points that will make you feel and work like a PRO Vray Artist:

  • Project Planning – No matter what, you must plan your project to ensure its completion and timely delivery. Better you plan your project, lesser will be the number of unpleasant surprises that you will face. First off you must set an exact timeline for your project, you must ensure at what date you will finish which module or milestone.
  • Information/Research – You must put in some efforts and time into gathering as much data about the project as possible. You can grab anything that the client or your manager has to offer, but the key here is that you should know what your “needs” are. They will provide you what “they have” not what “you need”. So it’s always critical to set up your own project requirements at the time of project planning to ensure that all the tasks are accomplished without any surprises. This step also assumes that you will be drawing a sketch for your own help as well, which will be later transformed into the fully functional project.
  • WIP (Work in Progress) – This is the part of a Vray project that artists enjoy the most, as they get to do what they love and not worry about the technical stuff and documentation. In this part of the project you will be actually creating the animation using all the resources you got from the 2nd step and according to the plan that you decided in the 1st step.
  • Feedback – This is important, you must ask your friends, colleagues and anyone around you regarding the quality of your creation and modify it based on the reviews you get.

Following these simple 4 steps procedure you will be able to carry out any 3D Vray project like a PRO. Make sure that you don’t get burnt, so it is essential to take breaks while working, this will eventually increase your productivity in the project.

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