Top Reasons Why Buying a Laptop is Better Idea Than Buying a Tablet

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Tablet vs. laptop: which is better? Top Reasons Identified

Technology is really important these days, and we all rely on some sort of computing device for one reason or another. It would be difficult to find somebody who does not need to use some form of computer for accessing the internet, creating a presentation or document or another activity on a regular basis. It is also a great plus that after release of Tablets, there has been a significant drop in laptop and other similar gadgets prices, this can be seen on major vendors like India plaza, Indiatimes, Tradus, Infibeam, Inkfruit and other online shops and even better thing is, almost all of them offer huge savings by redeeming their coupon codes.

However, technology has come a long way and there are far more options now than ever before, which is handy, but can be incredibly confusing. Both laptops and tablets are great because they allow you to perform tasks you would on a computer but much more conveniently, but they have different advantages and disadvantages which means it’s important to choose the one which is right for you.

Laptop vs Tablet

One of the main advantages of tablets is they are lightweight and extremely portable. Whilst a laptop is much heavier, tablets can easily be taken everywhere with you, even as a carry-on on a plane. Laptops are nowhere near as portable as this.

However, tablets do not have the functionality of laptops. If you are using it to occasionally stream movies whilst you’re on the go, to browse the internet or to play lightweight games, then a tablet will suit you, but if you need to do particularly demanding tasks or construct long documents then a laptop will be better. Laptops have far more storage space, whilst on a tablet you’ll need to be picky about what you save locally, so laptops will suit people who need to save a lot of work.

On a tablet, you may sometimes encounter problems with websites which are designed for computers and have some fiddly features such as drop down menus which can be hard to use on touch screens. You may also find that some websites and features cannot function on certain devices. Tablets are most effective if you are using specially made apps, and in some cases it is these apps which make tablets a better option for users, as people with specialist careers in areas such as music and design may find these extremely useful.

tablet pc and laptops

An obvious advantage of laptops is that they have physical keyboards, whilst tablets don’t. This makes laptops a better option for people who are typing for long periods, as keyboards are a lot more comfortable than touch screens to type on, but you should note that you can purchase keyboards for tablets which work via Bluetooth. Another advantage of laptops, however, is that they are much easier to print from. You can print from tablets, but it is much more complicated, so if the ability to print documents quickly and efficiently is important to you then a laptop will be the better option.

Another thing you’ll need to consider before making your decision is your budget. Although laptops offer more functionality, they are also more expensive than tablets, so if you’re on a tight budget and you think you can make do with a tablet, then it’s probably not worth spending the extra money on a laptop on the off chance that you might for some reason need it for another use. If you do require a laptop, although they can be quite expensive, the investment will be worth it because of the vast amount of things they allow you to do, and you can always knock some of the cost off by searching online for discount coupons and codes before you make a purchase.


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