How to Maximize the Battery Life on Your Samsung Galaxy S3


The wonderful features on Samsung’s Galaxy S3 can have a negative effect on your battery life.  This is a one area where smartphones have a distinct disadvantage. The glossy screens and fast processors will kill the life of your batteries in no time especially if you take pictures, play games or are constantly engaging with your apps. Here are five ways to improve the staying power of your brand new Samsung.

Use the Power Saving Option

The built in Power saving option is disabled by default but you should enable it when you first get your phone. Enabling this option will lower screen power, lower CPU speed and adjust the background screen for apps thus extending battery life. The power saving option can be found in the Settings menu.

Adjust the Display Color

Some displays will use more power than others. Darker colors for instance will use less power than lighter colors so use darker colors to conserve your battery. You can go to Settings > Display > Screen Mode in order to choose a power saving profile. For more advanced screen customization you can use a third party app.

Tweak The Brightness of the Screen

Adjust the brightness on your phone under the Display menu to one that lets you see comfortably without sucking your battery life. When the brightness is too high it consumes a lot of battery power if you use the phone constantly throughout the day.

The Samsung S3 has an option for Automatic Brightness which will change depending on where you use the phone.

Adjust The Screen Timeout Settings

The Samsung Galaxy S7 and S3 will automatically adjust the display for you if you enable this option. Use the Screen Timeout settings in the Display menu to adjust the time for the screen to turn itself off. The value will need to be low if you want to conserve your battery life to the fullest.

Disable Radios that Are Not In Use

Radios like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are always scanning for devices to connect to and this alone will suck the life out of your battery. Turn them off when you don’t need them so that you can conserve the life of your battery. These can be turned off easily using the shortcuts at the top of your screen but there is an option in the Settings menu as well.

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