Latest Trends In Cloud Computing

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Cloud computing is increasingly having an important aspect on how business operations are managed. Consequently, cloud computing has led to a rapidly growing and large market. It is thus important to pinpoint various trends of cloud computing.

Rise of the managed cloud
As cloud computing grows, 2012 is expected to herald the managed cloud. As compared to the public cloud, a managed cloud has a highly availability architecture. This architecture otherwise known as (N+1) is resilient. In addition to this high security level, a managed cloud is convenient in hosting various types of applications

Large volume of data storage
More and more companies are integrating cloud computing into their operations. To this end, there is a tendency to use cloud storage and access data from different sources. In addition to these data volumes, companies will increasingly demand reliability, speed and security. This includes cloud services brokerage, data provision, and content provision s among others. Major companies that are taking advantage of cloud computing include Microsoft, Google and Amazon among others. It is also worth noting that the number of companies offering cloud computing services and products is on the increase. These companies include Cloudmore, Flexiant, CloudSigma, Enomaly, Vaultscpoe and Apple Zero among others.

Improved B2B services
Many companies are seeking to enhance interactions with consumers. To this end, companies are moving towards cloud services, social networking and mobile cloud among others. In addition to that, this is bound to enhance the efficiency of various business to business applications through these platforms. An example of such a platform is the consumer as a service platform otherwise known as (CaaS) platform. These platforms enhance interactions thus ensuring success of various companies.

Rise of the private cloud
Companies increasingly prefer private clouds as opposed to public clouds. Businesses preferring private clouds include medium and large enterprise. An important factor influencing cloud computing is compliance and security. In recent times, various organizations have raised concern about security of information stored in clouds. Many at times, this information may be accessed by hackers or malicious people. Bearing in mind that many companies have sensitive information, it is prudent for the company to ensure that its information is stored in a safe cloud. Private cloud computing provides businesses with cost effective solutions. Moreover, many private cloud computing service providers comply with various rules and regulations hence they are ideal.

Confusion about cloud computing
It is prudent to note that a general acceptable definition of cloud computing does not exist. In addition to that, the increased adoption of cloud computing has gone a long way in expanding the definition of cloud computing. Many individuals claim that cloud computing solely represents the public cloud utility while others argue that the private cloud is effective for large and medium sized enterprises, seeking to meet compliance and security requirements. One way to bring clarity to your understanding of cloud computing is through educating yourself. You can read books and articles about cloud computing or take an online information technology course on the subject.

Security and compliance perceptions
Many organizations worry about the security of their data. It is worth noting that security concern is the top reason why may enterprises have not migrated to the cloud. Private cloud computing addresses compliance and security issues through network security and dedicated data.

Mobile access
Managing cloud hosting solutions using smart phones, tablet computer and other mobile devices is bound to continue attracting attention. It is important to note that health care providers were the first to adopt this technology to access electronic record management systems. This phenomenon is expected to continue growing and become an integral component of cloud computing

Programming platforms.
The use of programming platforms is bound to increase. These platforms are integrated systems which gives programmers a wide range of software design fields. The use of these platforms increases server arrangements thus providing multiple systems operating environments.

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