Essential Android Utilities and Tools Apps

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Applications vary depending on the operating system or OS the phone has. One of the most widely used OS is Android. This is so because of the many brands of smartphones that run on Android. Some of these phones are Samsung, Sony, and Alcatel. To make the most out of your phone, below are the essential utilities and tools apps especially designed for

Easily Manage your Android with AirDroid

AirDroid is a fast and free app that allows users to manage their Android wirelessly. This can be possible by using the favorite browser. After installing the app, users can enjoy several features. One is the capability to transfer files between computers and Android devices. On the SD card, users have options such as delete files, rename, search, paste, copy and cut. The app also offers drag and drop support. For SMS, it allows users to send, receive, delete or forward messages. For photos, it allows users to upload, download, photos slide show, set as wallpaper, preview and delete. Aside from these, there are still more features that can be enjoyed in managing apps, clipboard, contacts, ringtones, music, https connection, QR code log in via, video, and real-time Android screen. More than these, the multiple virtual desktops feature allows for multitasking. With it, users can move apps between desktops to have a better organization of their work.

Faster web browsing with Chrome for Android

Web browsing is one of the main reasons why people buy smartphones. Usually, they check and update their social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Others enjoy downloading music and videos from iTunes and Youtube. With these functions, there is a need for a reliable app to experience a faster web browsing. Android smartphone users can get just that with Chrome for Android. This app is also designed or Android tablets. Users just have to sign in to sync the Chrome browser from the computer. By doing this, users can bring their devices anywhere they go. Users can enjoy fast search and navigation. They can also choose from the results that appear as they type. There is accelerated zooming, scrolling and page loading for a faster browsing. Moreover, the app is delivers an intuitive and simple experience. This allows users to open many tabs and do switching very quickly. They can literally flip through tabs as they were fanning a deck of cards. Another best thing about this app is the Incognito mode when browsing. This gives users more privacy when searching or browsing the web.

Aside from these two, there are also other utilities and tools apps such as Opera, Astro, Power Tools, Double Twist Alarm Clock and Weather Eye. By having all these apps, users can always go wherever they want and yet still able to accomplish tasks using their handy smartphones.

Moreover, Android smartphones that are capable of doing a lot of functions are also best for business phone systems. In particular, Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP phone systems can be optimized by businesses if smartphones are integrated in it. With Android smartphones that are powered by the aforementioned apps, business people can easily and conveniently access phone services from credible phone service providers such as RingCentral.


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