Best iPhone Apps For Startup Business Owners

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Startup business owners need tools that allow them to run their business right out of the box at any point in time. While you may already have the necessary tools on your laptop, you may find yourself in situations where you can’t take out the laptop but need to check activities related to your business.

For example, while at the gym, you may receive an important e-mail from a client or investor and need to reply as soon as possible, but you may not be carrying the laptop at that time or taking it out from the car is quite inconvenient. These are the situations where your iPhone apps come into play.

This doesn’t mean you should rely solely on the apps, but the best iPhone apps for your startup can be used in conjunction with other helpful online tools and resources for your business such as Contract for managing business contracts and Wave Accounting for finance management.

Here are the best iPhone apps for startup business owners:

1.  FlightTrackPro

If you travel frequently in and out of city for business meetings, it would be a hassle for you to keep track on flight times, reservations or last minute announcements. FlightTrack Pro does the tracking job for you and presents gate numbers, arrival time and temperature, the number of flights available at your current location and the destination, flight delays, alternative routes and much more.

You can easily start using the app by sending [email protected] an e-mail. There are also options to see the type of the aircraft, the speed and the height of the flight.

2.  OfficeDrop

OfficeDrop removes your need to buy a portable scanner as it converts your iPhone into one. You can use your iOS device to scan documents and they’ll get stored in the cloud of the app. The documents also get converted into PDF files automatically.

You can share the documents stored within the cloud with your staff members on the go. The app comes with 2 GB of free cloud storage pre-offered and allows you to scan 50 document pages per month on the free version. If you require more storage or scan cycles, there’s a paid version as well.

3.  SignEasy

As a startup business owner, you’ll have to sign official documents and PDFs. Why not use an iPhone app for signatures? SignEasy allows you to important documents from any app that includes the ‘Open In’ option and allow you to sign through your finger or a stylus. The app is useful when signing consent forms, financial agreements and even NDAs.

There are also options to rename the imported documents, customize the signature and protect it by setting a passcode to prevent unauthorized access. The premium version of the app lifts the sign limit and you’re able to sign unlimited documents by going premium.

4. CamCard

You’ll perhaps find CamCard as the most useful app for your startup business. As you’re new in your industry, it would be usual for you to exchange business cards frequently. However, if you’re attending an event or an expo, the number of business cards given to you can get overwhelming. CamCard makes sure you’re able to save every business card.

The app reads and saves business cards directly to your Contacts. The AR Card feature allows you to add business information in different formats and updates you on business opportunities. You can also create industry specific groups and set a password to prevent others from viewing the information. The app has the ability to read 12 different languages and the saved information syncs with your tablet, computer and other devices as soon as a card is scanned.


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