Operating System Takes a Step Further with Windows 8

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A computer is made up of two distinct parts-hardware and software. Hardware includes the physical parts of the computer while the software deals with the programs that run the computer. Both the parts are equally important. The operating system is essential for actually running the computer system. Microsoft Company came up with the idea of Windows as an operating system and changed the way we used computers. Today, many versions of the operating system is available. Windows 8 is the most advanced version of the system and is loaded with unique features.

Features Loaded in the Operating System:

Live sync is a feature of the operating system, which allows the user to create connectivity with people around you. This feature enables one to log in to any computer with the same OS(operating system) and retrieve the features that had been installed in his/her own computer. Other features include the following:

Windows 8
Windows 8

• Supports multi-monitor: With this OS, one can now open the same wallpaper or start menu across two or more monitors.

• Supports ARM tablet and PCs based on x86: The OS has been designed keeping in mind the tablets and touch screen. The OS will work on desktops as touch screen but its extended facilities can be experienced in tablets. The OS has named its User Interface as “Metro” and is designed to support touch-screen based gadgets.

• Boot speed: As an OS, it has been given the credit of taking the least time to boot which is ten seconds at maximum. The OS gives the fastest response. This is because the OS saves in hibernation some of the system information before it shuts down. This information is retrieved, cutting the time of initialization, in boot up.

• Apps in full screen: The application covers the full screen and does not come with taskbar or control settings. If necessary, one can swipe and go to Start page or use settings menu in order to control the app.

• Copying of files and search made easy: One can search for files with effective and relevant results almost immediately. Search can be conducted separately in apps. File transfers are made in one dialog box with the facility of stopping or pausing each of the transfer separately.

• Supports USB 3.0: The OS provide the facility of USB 3.0 file transfer, which is ten times USB 2.0 file transfer.

• Task manager made new: The task manager is enhanced to give details of all the programs, which run beyond memory usage and CPU to retrieve data from network connections and hard disk. A user can get information on the network and CPU usage for almost all apps through history.

The new and attractive features of Windows 8 have made it more appealing to the common person. Every other day some new product is being launched in the market and this up gradation is applicable on almost every latest gadget, which has internet browser.

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