Describing Your Computer Skills on Your Resume

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A resume is vital document that creates a big second impression on employers after they have had the chance to read the first impression, which is your cover letter. The cover letter will impress potential employers initially but it is the resume that will secure the first interview that is a crucial step to the beginning of your career. You must make sure that your resume completely distinguishes you from the other candidates because this is the only way you can secure yourself an audience with interviewers.

One of the best ways to ensure that you stand out would be to describe your computer skills on your resume. This can be particularly helpful if you have little or no working experience and have acquired computer skills that are convincing. By highlighting your computer skills, you can counterbalance your inexperience and make these computer skills the focal point of your resume because your career depends on it.

Describing Your Computer Skills on Your Resume

Read and Understand the Job Description

The first major step before you can describe your computer skills on your resume should be to read the job description carefully and exhaustively. At most, your entire resume ought to be just about two pages and you must be careful not to waste the space on the resume needlessly.

Have Sub-Headings for Different Skills

You must create subheadings for different skills so that you break down your resume and make it easy for the person reading your resume to scan through it easily. People in the human resource department read countless number of resumes and will not want to be waste time on a resume that is too large to read. Dividing your skills into different subheadings such as computer skills, software applications, languages and scripts, hardware and then certifications gives them the chance to quickly scan through your resume and determine your suitability or lack of it.

Prioritize and Give Preference to Your Computer Skills

When itemizing your computer skills, prioritize and give preference to the skills that have concrete experience with. If for example you are making an application for a programming position, it will help to list the programming languages that you have skills in and should you be seeking a position in web designing, you should list your competency in HTML, JavaScript etc.

Be Specific With the Computer Skills on Your Resume

It helps to be very specific with your computer skills on your resume. For example, you ought to place on the resume a list of specific version of software that you are competent in, and it helps to itemize the most contemporary version of the software. If you have studied a specific version of the software and a new version has been introduced, it helps to refresh the software skill so that you remain current with the present requirements in the job market.

Be Specific With Your Career Experience

If you have experience with specific job duties, it helps to be specific with that. If for example you have worked as a programmer for a specific company, it helps to specify this and mention the specific duties that you handled while working with the company. This helps to demonstrate that you have this kind of hands on experience that your potential employers are seeking.

A computer skills resume will always have ample scope for knowledge and it is essential that you are accurate with information that you provide. It is also essential to provide hyperlinks to your work should you submit your resume by email or if you are submitting the resume into a database. Finally, do not forget to include your career objectives because this will give the employer a clue to the purpose for applying for the job. This will help them to determine if your ambitions are aligned with their company and the position that they are offering you.

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