Five of the Best Eco-Friendly Electronic Innovations of the Last 10 Years

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Five of the Best Eco-Friendly Electronic Innovations of the Last Ten YearsThere have been some really great eco-friendly electronic innovations in just the past ten years. People are starting to realise that our resources are limited. They are starting to do something about it. People are starting to make a change. Most of these great innovations can be found in the world of electronics and there is good reason for this. Electronics are big energy consumers. It only makes sense to try and make all of the modern electronics that we have come to depend on more energy efficient. Here are some of the more noticeable innovations that have taken the world to a greener level.

The Personal Computer

People will argue that this electronic innovation is not really a “green” innovation until you shed some light on the facts. Put these thoughts into your brain for a minute or two and let them soak into all of that grey matter up there.

The personal computer saves on massive amounts of paper. Just think of how much paper is being saved every single day thanks to the personal computer. Emails, business memos, book and pamphlets have found a new home in the digital world. All of these items in digital form have saved so much paper that it is not even clear just how much paper has been saved. Forests and trees all over our big blue planet are now very happy that personal computers exist.

Efficient Lighting

Lighting is one of the largest consumers of energy. In just the past few years, there have been huge improvements in the world of lighting. LED lighting has paved a new way towards a brighter more energy efficient future by producing more light and consuming less energy. This is something that very few electronic innovations seem to accomplish quite so well.

The Answer Is Blowing In the Wind

Wind is an excellent source of energy and cultures that are starting to use wind turbines are starting to see just how powerful good old Mother Nature can be. Energy exists in wind and it can easily be converted with the right turbine. Will the wind be powering the world in ten years? Probably not but it sure is helping now.

Smile and Say Cheese!

The younger generation of today will find it difficult to believe that cameras used to need something called film in order to function properly. This film then had to be developed and printed if you wanted to see an image. The invention of the digital camera has not only revolutionised the photography world, but it has also saved tons of resources by removing film from the picture completely. No pun intended.

Electric Wheels

The days of giant gas consuming vehicles are quickly coming to an end. A smaller generation of electric powered cars is poised and ready to take over. By eliminating the need for fossil fuels, the electric car could very well be one of the best electronic innovations of the century.

These five electronic innovations are helping reduce energy consumption on a monumental level. As technology evolves, these things will just become even better.


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