Apple iMac – What Are The Features Of This Latest Model?

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Apple iMac - What Are The Features Of This Latest Model?The Apple company has recently launched the latest version of iMac. This new model is an all-in-one computer. Though the recent updates are just a few, the new iMac has quality improved performance and interior specifications to iMac line. The new features that have been included into this latest technology are the processors of Intel quad core, quick PCIe-based flash storage and 802.11ac Wi-Fi.

Some features of the Latest Apple iMac

The most recent Apple iMac has some additional features which has made it popular so quickly. Have a look at some features of this latest model.

The iMacs has the feature of 2.7GHz quad-core Intel Core i5 processor which is on 21.5-inch model base. This is the first desktop that possesses the latest Iris Pro graphics and has Intel’s Crystalwell architecture. Iris Pro is actually a recent Intel GPU that is so very popular on the middle range gaming personal computers. The latest model should have the capacity to provide significant improvements over the last model. You’ll also find CTO options in the latest iMac. This CTO option is till 3.4GHz Core i5 Haswell processors. It has the memory storage capacity of 4GB and is NVIDIA GeForce 700 series graphics on the top model.

1TB drive and 8GB of RAM are now the standard ones. There should be 32GB maximum configuration alternatives in case of the custom orders. The Apple company sold the new iMac for the first-time on September 24, 2013 on its website and in the stores according to press release. The price of Apple iMac starts from $1,299, and it ranges till $1,999 in case of base configurations.

802.11ac networking indicates that the latest iMac possesses the capability to work with the new Time Capsule router and the AirPort Extreme. This launched the Wi-Fi standard previously in this year. As for the Apple company, PCIe-based flash storage should be able to provide improvement in speed till 50 percent in comparison with the last generation model. This will enable to load various applications in this new technology, do quick booting and system performance. The all-flash CTO options usually range till 1TB of storage, along with the Fusion Drives that are available in 1TB or 3TB.

The 27-inch model provides till 40 percent quicker graphics. It is combined with the latest Intel Haswell quad-core processors and PCIe. This may seem to be attractive for the purchasers who love playing games or doing video editing. Besides this, it is winded up into the slim design of the body. It is certainly a great improvement on the latest iMac.

These are some features of the latest iMac that has made it popular amongst the buyers.


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