A Phone That Withstands The Storm

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If you are ever asked to describe how you spend your whole day, you can probably summarize it in three parts: eat, work, and communicate. Eating is something that comes naturally and of course, a necessity since we all need nourishment in order to survive. Working is another necessity since it gives people livelihood which plays an important role in the quest for survival as well. Last, but definitely not the least, communicating has become a vital part of our daily routine because without it, the world would certainly be in chaos. And what do people most often use to communicate with one another? Mobile phones. And it has transcended race, age, culture and lifestyle.

A Phone That Withstands The Storm

Colors for Nokia Lumia 920 and the iPhone 5

It is difficult not to notice that the latest trend in the mobile phone realm is all about personalization. Industry players are capitalizing on the consumers’ inclination to personalize every device, product or service that they own and this obviously applies to mobile phones as well. Mobile phones are used for communication: basic text and calls and even VoIP services from RingCentral. It is totally expected although not necessarily understandable for some consumers to feel the need to make fashion statements or stand out with their mobile phones. However, it seems like this cannot be helped since smartphones have become very important tools for people to go about their daily routines.

In recent years, many device manufacturers and producers have exhibited interesting choices when it came to their color choices. The iPhone, which is Apple’s most prized mobile device, is offered in two different yet very basic colors: black and white. On the other hand, Nokia showed no restraint since consumers can now choose from quite a number of distinct colors for their latest offering—the line of Nokia Lumia smartphones.

Google’s Take

With Moto X, Google’s aim is obviously to break new ground and set new world records by offering consumers the chance to customize and personalize the physical appearance and aesthetics of their phones. Apple, however, is expected to launch a more economical line of iPhones in the coming months. These cheaper iPhones are projected to showcase plastic casings which are dubbed as the iPhone 5C and like the Nokia Lumia line, they will be offered in various colors, too.

Cases Made for Combat

If you think about it, having an iPhone in a different color than the quintessential black or white is quite thrilling especially if it comes with a lower price tag but there is a downside. What do you think will happen if this colored phone falls on the floor? The probability is that it will break into pieces since the plastic casing is not expected to absorb and survive a fall or an accident. This is also the reason why many product developers are cramming in launching their own versions of rugged phone cases.

We have seen so many kinds of phone accessories available in the market today, from colorful cases, laces, to stickers. Some are cute and nice to look at but most of them do not really serve important purposes like protecting the phone from breaking in case of drops. Sure, there are cases that claim to protect your phone but they can only do so much. Fortunately, there are now ruggedized smartphone cases like what Otterbox is offering that aim to shield and protect your phone from any physical damage in case of an accident. There are also Lunatik Taktik cases which make use of machine screws to protect your phone from any potential damage. This one looks extremely rugged but is super effective especially if you are in hostile environments and accidents are looming around every corner. You see, people do what they need to do to protect whatever it is that they hold dear.


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