Your Guide To The Best Seeds For Minecraft On The PC Or Mac

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Are you looking to expand your worlds in Minecraft? You can create fascinating new cities and worlds if you have the right seeds. Here’s your guide to finding the best seeds for Minecraft if you’re playing on the PC or Mac.

Are you hunting for new Minecraft horizons?

Minecraft fans have created some crazy worlds from scratch. But sometimes, leaving it all to random chance creates the best stories. Thanks to Minecraft’s seeds, players are free to share the strange places they’ve cooked up.

Below, we’ve pulled together some of the best seeds for Minecraft.

Avatar World

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Sick of waiting for James Cameron to pump out Avatar 2? We can’t blame you, it doesn’t look like he’s in a hurry.

In the meantime, content yourself with this floating paradise. This seed spawns a large cluster of floating islands. No word on the Na’vi, but when you can live out your life in a skyborne fortress, you won’t feel like you’re missing out.

Resident Evil

113560767 (1.11)

Resident Evil’s mansion is an all-time iconic setting in video games. You can find similar mansions dotted around Minecraft’s many worlds, but it’s not always easy to turn one up.

Plug this seed in, and you’re ready to go. You might not have zombie dogs nipping at your heels, but the evil illagers make a good stand-in for Umbrella Corp’s freaky flunkies.

Natural Wonder

-1669759022 (1.6.4)

 If you want to feel like the first Scout unit in a game of Civilization, you’ve found the right seed.

This world is dominated by a huge, hollowed-out mountain that looks as if something unspeakable has nibbled its way through. It’s beautiful, in a blocky sort of way.

Of course, you don’t have to stand there gawping. It’s prime real estate for an aspiring Bond villain, so now’s your chance to build the lair of your dreams.

Man-Made Wonder

-6425161732431427921 (1.12.2)

If a natural wonder doesn’t do it for you, try a man-made one.

This bizarre map features likely the tallest generated building in the Minecraft universe, rising up to insane heights from an otherwise normal village. It’s a great example of just how strange the results of the random seed can be.

Mind The Gap

-9057352651117540831 (1.6.4)

Sometimes it’s not about what’s on the land, but below it.

This seed offers a yawning abyss not far from your spawn point. You can look down into the bowels of the Earth and discover a hidden world of treasures.

Heading to the End? This place also has a stronghold, so you’ll find a portal there to take you to that final dimension.


Rickrollin (1.6.4)

Rickrollin is one of the most famous Minecraft Java Edition Seeds. And, amazingly, it has nothing to do with Rick Astley.

Rickrollin is a great world for anyone with an adventuring spirit. Discover ruins buried in the jungle, go spelunking for zombies, or dig out the pyramid in the vast desert. And when you’re done, settle down in the blacksmith village to see some friendly faces.

Discover More Seeds for Minecraft

These are just a few worlds to satiate your sense of adventure. But it’s the beauty of Minecraft that you can discover new worlds by coming up with your own seeds, too. Seeds for Minecraft offer a great way to keep a unique game fresh.

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