6 Inexpensive Gadgets You’re Missing Out On

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There is a general conception that value has to be linked to a high price tag. As technology improved, however, input costs got lower and today we find ourselves at a place where you can get immense value without breaking the bank. Although you still get expensive, high-ticket gadgets, there are a lot of affordable gadgets that can make vast improvements in your life. Today we will be discussing 6 of these gadgets.

Griffin Beacon Universal Remote

Have you ever sat in a restaurant and the aircon is at an uncomfortable setting? The Griffin Beacon is a universal remote control that is compatible with Android and iOS. Installation is incredibly easy and you can use this remote to control just about anything. It also comes with additional apps that you can use to manage your Netflix line-up and to read reviews on tv shows and movies that you are interested in. The remote control’s interface is simple, attractive, and user-friendly.

HHI ReElegant iPad Keyboard Case

This keyboard case is a Bluetooth accessory for your iPad. This is perfect for bloggers, travel writers, or reporters that have to type a lot, and that may regularly find themselves in an uncomfortable setting, like a courtroom. The HHI ReElegant keyboard case effectively allows you to use your iPad as a laptop. In fact, many coffee shop writers may actually prefer this method of typing as they get all the convenience benefits that an iPad has to offer. The keyboard is made from high-quality components and configuration takes almost no time.

Amazon Fire TV

Amazon’s streaming stick, the Firestick, is an Android box that provides you with the most popular streaming services available. The Firestick is affordable and monthly subscription fees are low. It consists of a streaming stick that you connect to your TV’s HDMI port. You can then simply follow the on-screen instructions to configure your Fire TV. Adding Kodi to Android can unlock access to additional content that includes thousands of movies and tv shows.

Powerline Powercup

This is the perfect gadget for someone that is perpetually on the road. It consists of a 120 Volt AC inverter that looks like a travel mug and that you plug into your car’s lighter socket. Put it in your cup holder and use it as a powered hub for your phone, e-reader, tablet, or vape. You can use it for any other AC appliance as well, including your laptop or external hard drive. This is the perfect accessory for camping or long-distance business trips.

Adonit Jot Pro

If you like using illustration or jotting apps on your tablet, take a look at this affordable, yet high-quality stylus from Adonis. The Jot Pro is available in four metallic colors and features an ultra-fine tip, making it one of the best tablet jotting instruments there is. The stylus has a magnet that makes it easy to store with your tablet and easily accessible when you need it. The Jot Pro can be used with any CTT and RTT touch-screen devices, including smartphones, tablets.

IK Multimedia iRig Mic Cast

The iRig Mic Cast is an external microphone that you can plug into your smartphone or tablet. This is especially helpful for people that like to create podcasts or videos for Facebook, YouTube, or their own vlogs. This microphone is a must-have if pure and warm sound quality is important to you. It is compatible with all podcast creation apps, including Reaper, and it has an integrated high and low sensitivity switch.  This affordable gadget allows you optimal quality without the need for additional studio equipment.


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