Tips and Tricks for Temple Run 2

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Aside from accessing RingCentral phone services, game app is another popular reason why many people buy smartphones. This fact has inspired smartphone companies such as Apple to develop game apps. For iPhone users, one of the wildly popular game apps is Temple Run 2. The first version has recorded an overwhelming 170 million plus downloads. You can see people posting about their top scores on their social networking sites such as Facebook. Many are also challenging their friends to beat their highest score.

With the Temple Run 2 as a sequel, more iPhone users are expected to download the game as it has more features. To have better scores, below are some of the tips and tricks that you can apply when playing the game.

temple run 2

• The first version and the sequel have the same controls. The protagonist character in Temple Run 2 automatically accelerates. With this, the challenge for you is to avoid the deadly hazards and many obstacles that you will encounter as you navigate. On the display of your device, swipe upwards if you want the on-screen adventurer to leap into the air. If you want him to go to the corners you have to swipe to the right or left. You have to tilt the device from side to side to maneuver him into the path of power-ups and coins. If you want to activate a power-up, you have to double-tap the screen. Remember that a power-up can be activated if the power meter at the left side is filled up completely.

• Collectibles coins abound in the mine shafts, pathways and dilapidated ruins. You need to collect all the coins which you can use to spend on power-ups, new characters and abilities. These are all available in the in-game store. The coins are of different colors. Gold is the least valuable and the most common. As you continue running, you can expect more valuable coins to appear more frequently. Aside from coins, there are new resources in Temple Run 2. These are the rare gems which are also called the second currency. On your travel, you can see and grab green jewels. You can use these gems to resurrect yourself if die early in the game. No points will be lost if you use this. There is no limit in the number of times that you can use these gems to save your life. However, take note that every time you save your life the number of gems required doubles. Remember that these rare gems only come once in a while.

• The bustling store in the sequel is jam-packed with playable characters, abilities and power-ups. For power –ups, you can avail of the boost that allows your character to move forward at a hyper-speed. You can also have a powerful magnet that every coin in the path towards you. Lastly, you can have a shield that can protect you from any hazard. However, you have to choose the power-up wisely because you can only avail a single power-up in every run that you make. Of all the power-ups, the boost seems to be the best. It makes your character invincible as it turns corners automatically. It bypasses hazards and runs through obstacles effortlessly.

• Another best thing about the sequel is the opportunity to increase the duration of your power-ups. You can do this by availing abilities and upgrading them. To make the most out of this option, you need o focus on upgrading abilities one at a time. You can upgrade one or two at the most. You can also focus on improving the ‘coin magnet’ and ‘coin value’ early in the game. This will allow you to earn coins faster. Then, the next best thing to do is to improve the ‘boost distance’ ability.


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