Security Issues Concerning Android Phones

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Just like computers, Android mobile phones also need protection from hackers. When a hacker messes up with your Android mobile phone, you are in a great deal of trouble. You might suddenly find it difficult to contact your customers or business partners. You might suddenly experience difficulty in sending text messages to customers or to people who are working for you. Worse, other people might know and be able to take a peek at or steal the contents of your mobile phone.

The security of any mobile phone especially the Android phone is a big issue to many businessmen because of the following reasons.


Your Mobile Phone Is Your Personal Property

A mobile phone like RingCentral business phones is a device that everyone considers his/her personal property. This is because the mobile device contains messages, pictures, videos, and other files that are only yours to view. You do not share these files with just anyone without your permission. Businessmen especially keep in their phones files that they don’t want to be accessed by their competitors or any unauthorized member of their staff. Upon these files is hinged the success of one’s business or enterprise. Imagine what would happen if your competitors know who you have been dealing with and what kind of strategies you have been using to get ahead in the competitive world of business.

This is why companies like Samsung and Google see to it that that no one just gets access to the contents of a customer’s Android phone. According to the article There’s a Zombie-like Security Flaw in Almost Every Android Phone, Google has already patched the Samsung Galaxy S4. Also, Google has made sure that it would be impossible for malicious apps to get installed in the said mobile phone.

The Android Phone Uses An Open Source

Many apps are continuously being developed for the Android phone because it makes uses of an open source. An open source allows anyone to write apps for the Android phone without having to request permission to use the source file for the phone. The danger here is that there are those who might come up with an innocent looking app that might allow the developer to steal the contents of a mobile phone. According to the same article, what the hacker has to do is modify an existing legitimate app which they could do without fiddling with the application’s security signature. They can then distribute the app and convince other Android phone users to make use of it.

When an unknowing user gets hold of the suspicious app, whoever created the app would be able to read the contents of your phone. He or she may also delete important files especially important ones that are needed to run your phone.  Through the suspicious app, its creator would be able to retrieve your account and service passwords which you use to protect your phone.  The harmful app may also take control of the functions of the phone. The creator of the app would then be able to do a host of things such as using your phone to make calls and send arbitrary text messages and turn on the camera as well as record calls.

The security of one’s mobile phone cannot be just be left to companies like Google and Samsung. The users of mobile phones should also take some kind of action to ensure that their phones are protected from intruders.  The same article recommends that users be wary of the source of the apps that they download into their phones. As much as possible, users should download apps from reliable sources such as the App Store and Google Play to protect their mobile phones against harmful apps.


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