Samsung Galaxy Tab 5: Possibilities

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Samsung Galaxy Tab 5 soon would be available in the market, already Samsung is ready to launch many new gadgets after the World Mobile Congress, but release date of Tab 5 might take few months from now.

But at MWC 2015, we could see the new tablet the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 the big brother of original Samsung Galaxy Tab S.  If we talk about the smaller brother, Tab S it was known for its premium and 4G network capabilities. In Wi-Fi it can give satisfactory speed as it reached 69.3 Mbps downlink and 10.9 Mbps upstream in Wi-Fi with a fiber connection. The battery of the Galaxy S Tab 10.5 is 7,900 mAh, similar to other tablets of the same size but somewhat below capacity. In test consisting of leaving play a video in HD indefinitely with the brightness at maximum level, the GTS has endured nine hours and 43 minutes, a mark very high. Yes it is similar to the level of iPad of present generation. But Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 was able to give half of it, but bigger battery in the Galaxy Tab 5 could increase the backup of your Android tablet. Being completely discharged, the Galaxy Tab S 10.5 takes 5 hours and 9 minutes to fully charge at rest with the screen off, and using the charger 2 A. And recently, we saw the launch of fast charge technique, but it was never appeared in tablet, may be Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 and Galaxy Tab 5 would be first to have such technology.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 5: Possibilities

Early, Galaxy S Tab 10.5 also provides some energy saving options, which limit the maximum CPU performance and establish gray scale mode so the screen does not display colors. It also incorporates Ultra Power Saving Mode we saw in the Galaxy S5, and that is that the screen changes color to gray scale, application usage is restricted to essential and those selected by the user, and deactivates Bluetooth. Finally we can’t forget the addition of a fingerprint reader on the Start button, which also saw the Samsung Galaxy S5. The system can register up to three fingerprints, an amount that I find it somewhat sparse because at least in my case get used to unlock the devices with your thumbs or index interchangeably. Furthermore, if we give access to other family members, we are quite limited. We must say nice set of features from the Samsung but let’s hope it would be part for Samsung Galaxy Tab 5.

In the previous devices of Samsung, the fingerprint reader works reasonably well, but sometimes fails and we have to spend one finger or more times until our fingerprint is recognized. Any we are expecting better fingerprint sensor in the Samsung Galaxy Tab 5.


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