Reaping the Myriad Benefits of Latest iOS Version Upgrade

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With Samsung launches handsets with the operating system being the android and Nokia fast optimizing windows as the system core, the need came from Apple to optimize the system specifications associated with the same. The introduction of OS X which happened to be the interface for the computerized devices facilitated the development of the software associated with the mobile handsets. Popularly known as the iOS, this came as a subsidiary of the popular Apple OS X software, making the handset technology tread newer heights quite effectively. With the added features included in the latest version the licensing has been kept closed by the manufacturers inhibiting third party interference alongside.

Version 4 which has been rendered obsolete by the upgrade


Enhanced user connectivity and desired specifications resulted in the introduction of the advanced version of the mobile based OS. The earlier specifications had a high user interface with the features being used as the reference by some leading software giants. The latest version reads iOS 6.1.4 and includes new features which have turned the obsolete systems associated with the same. The layers comprising the overall functioning have been kept as it is with some important inputs to improve the specification s greatly. The four layers involved in the overall structure of the iOS are core, media, cocoa and the core service layer which has high usability and advanced user interface. These layers enhance the options of multi touch and greatly enhance the gesture based computing allowing ready interface for the virtual world.

Advanced Features

The upgraded version includes many advanced features which have made the life and surfing through the virtual world easy and pleasurable.  Some noted inclusions are:

The features provided by the latest upgrade

  • The Google maps have been removed from the overall structure and the built in maps have been readily incorporated. The technology offered by Apple this time is completely new and has the basis as the vector engine principles involved. The option of 3 Dimensional viewing is being made available and the lags which are being present with the Google and their maps have been addressed. These built in maps can be accessed at any desired point of time by tilting the careen and getting the desired view. This is properly customized keeping in mind the myriad user requirements. The resolutions associated are high and the detailing is spectacular.
  • Passbook – this is a specialized application dedicated specifically to Apple users. This, as the name suggests, is a holistic approach to the overall problems associated with maintaining the documents and managing them on the go. A built in scanner is provided alongside the camera to detect the codes and generate them depending upon the requirements. Proper documents can be stored in their online interface and can be generated readily when required.
  • Safari-a web browser and actually one of its kinds. This has a specialized option which allows the user to save the pages and other associated links related to future reference. These links can be procured back even without the selected internet connectivity.


It can be thus inferred that Apple provides the most high end process and makes the handset come alive. The recent update of the iOS version is highly compatible with iPad mini, iPhone 4s and other devices having a similar or more specification. Constant software upgrades have made this a go to software version and newer releases are expected soon.


Look into the features associated with an IOS software upgrade which in turn provides the user with an advanced user interface and a plethora of features.

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