Latest Mobile App Development Trends

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What are some of the latest trends in the world of app development? From increased security to the use of cloud technology, the development of mobile applications is constantly changing.

Latest Mobile App Development Trends

Whether you are interested in app development or simply want to know what to expect, here are some of the latest mobile app development trends.

1 – Mobile Commerce and Banking : A growing number of consumers are relying on their smartphones for online shopping. The convenience offered by mobile applications has been attracting an increasing percentage of the consumer market. In order to match this interest, businesses have begun coming up with ways to mobilize their shopping experience.

In addition to mobile commerce, there is definitely a trend in banking applications. Nowadays, most financial institutions have their own mobile applications. Their customers can perform most banking functions from the app. This includes transferring money, checking balances, and paying bills.

2 – Increased Security : Security is a major topic in app development. There have been a larger number of safety and security concerns over the past few years. According to a report from 2015, about 75% of applications would fail basic safety measures. If this lack of security continues, then customers will begin to lose trust in the use of applications.

The mobile market is continuing to grow and provides access to the largest market base. This is great for businesses, as long as consumers continue to download and install apps. In order to address security concerns, there will be a larger focus on security measures in app development.

3 – Increased Dependence on Cloud Technology : Integrating an app with cloud technology is another trend that has continued over the past couple of years. Instead of having downloaded a large application, many of the resources needed for the app will be accessed via cloud servers. This not only promotes the fluidity of installing or deploying applications, it increases the effectiveness of productivity tools and applications requiring collaboration between multiple people.

This offers additional benefits for business enterprise solutions. The information used by the application can be synced across multiple devices via the cloud. The changes will be logged instantly and can be viewed in real-time by co-workers.

4 – Wearable Technology : The past year, Apple and Android developers have released various wearable technology devices. This includes smart watches. These items connect to other devices via Bluetooth or a Wi-Fi connection. While these items are still out of the reach of the average consumer, due to the higher costs and limited applications, there will be a shift in focus towards app development for wearable technology.

Developers have not had a lot of time to learn about the platforms used for wearable technology. It is a new world for android app developers. Though, it still uses the same basic programming. Once developers learn more about the potential for wearable technology, you can expect a large influx of new apps for wearable tech.

5 – More Enterprise Applications : Most businesses still rely on Windows for enterprise software. As businesses begin to realize the benefits of mobile technology, they will find that Android offers the most cost-effective solutions. Desktop computers are losing their appeal.

As businesses look for ways to cut down on IT expenses, mobile technology provides the most affordable option. Not only is the hardware more affordable, the enterprise applications that are used are less expensive.

6 – Internet of Things :  The Internet of Things is a phrase that you will definitely hear more of. The Internet of Things refers to the interconnectedness of everything. The idea is that eventually everything in your home will be connected to the internet. You can already see this theory in use. There are already applications that allow you to control or interact with household appliances or items. This includes apps that let you turn your lights on or off, applications for setting the temperature in your home, and other useful features.

The Internet of Things should begin to take over a large portion of the app market. The idea of being able to control your home from a smartphone appeals to everyday consumers. When you can help people cut down on time spent doing household chores, you free up their time for other pursuits.

Trends will come and go. These are just a few of the latest mobile app development trends. If you take a look at some of the latest apps in any app store, you will find a lot of the features that were mentioned. While these trends are all very popular right now, remember that technology is growing at an ever-increasing rate. A year or two from now and the world of mobile applications could look completely different.

If you are currently planning on developing an app, remember these development trends. While you do not need to follow these trends, they do offer some insight into the interests of consumers. Always perform a bit of market research before deciding on a use or function for your app.

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