Essential Features Of Note 7

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The Note 7 is one of the best models manufactured by Samsung. It is not only the best phablet but is also categorized as one of the best smart phones of the year. It works on android operating system. The note has been in consistent fame in the market from many years and the 7th release is undoubtedly not different and has all the same features.

Essential Features Of Note 7

Following are some of the Essential features of Note 7:

  • The device’s borderless beauty makes it seamless and sleek.
  • The edges are curved and this way the viewing experience is very good.
  • The edge is designed in such a way that you can directly access your favourite apps and can also check notifications by just swiping thumb along the edge and there is no need to lift the cover. In this way, all other features can be extracted.
  • It focuses specifically on the task it is performing and if any notification is delivered in between, it is kept at the bay and you can stick with your work.
  • The images are very clear in note 7 with precise colour saturation level and high contrast.
  • The display is 5.6″ Quad HD super display with high resolution level.
  • You can create your own personalized stream by putting images of your choice over the edge. You can also show updates and alerts what so ever you want to keep on your screen.
  • You can even take images in low brightness and dim light systems. Its camera can take brighter and clearer images. The rear camera is 16MP and the front camera is 3.7MP.
  • You can smartly select all the features with the help of tip of the provided S pen.
  • The battery can be efficiently charged within an hour. Working in power saving mode can efficiently improve the battery’s life.

All the essential features present in note 7 makes it a perfect device to be entertained. Galaxy S8 and the Galaxy Note 6 would be the next ones to look out for.


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