iPad’s Helipad – Leeds

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We live in the adage, where there is no gadget or luxury that money cannot buy. One such must have gadget is the I Pad, an exclusive of Apple.

What is the iPad?

It’s a range of tablet PC’s, designed by Apple headed by the maverick Steve Jobs, which runs on the IOS platform, similar to its other I – family counterparts. The first installment of the I Pad was introduced in 2010 and since then, regular up gradations have been made to suit the requirement s and the pulse of the users across the world. It can also function as a cellular mobile! An all in one gadget!

iPad’s Helipad – Leeds

Why the iPad?

You have a presentation to give and you need something that is easy to carry and transport. Obvious choice would be the laptop. But given a choice, you would obviously opt for something smaller, compact, and that offers almost all the features that a laptop offers right? That answer to laptops, is the I Pad.


  • Operating System: The I Pad like all its other family members of apple works on the IOS operating system.
  • Internet functions: Internet functions like browsing, emails, web access, download are seamlessly possible.
  • Media: Various kinds of applications like video recording, camera, music, access lists are at a finger’s touch.
  • Touch: Entire operation is on the capacitive touch screen facility, gorilla technology to be more specific; the most advanced feature scheduled to release this year end.
  • Games and applications: Hundreds of games and apps that fit our bill of requirements can be downloaded and accessed easily here.
  • GPS navigation: Traveling to new places was never so easy has it? The inbuilt GPS navigation helps you to travel to new places!
  • Front camera: VGA mode of camera makes Skype calls and VOIP ( Voice Over Internet Protocols) easier than your thought! You do not need to carry a bulky laptop to do these anymore!
  • Calling: In the latest variant, Nano Sims are used. Prior to that, we used micro SIMS; something that are used in the smart phones today! This makes you to get rid of a cell phone as well does it not?
  • Battery: Well, the battery depends on the usage of the I Pad, but under normal circumstances, it is designed to provide up to 12 hours of backup, as it uses strong Taiwan made batteries.
  • One stop for all: It has inbuilt speakers, connectors almost everything you need to work and have fun, already built in for you. No need of purchasing any other connectors separately.
  • Backup and restoration: Similar to the iPhone, the ipad screen repair leeds comes with options to back up your data onto the cloud immediately. This would reduce your time and make sure your data is safe from accidental deletion.
  • Processor: Now the latest variants have quad core processors that speed up the performance, much faster than laptops!
  • Apps: Like the IPhone, you can download whatever application you want from the I store, music from I tunes and also read books on I Books.

In short, it is the smartest, most compact and universal gadget you would ever want. It eliminates the need to depend on laptops or personal computers for applications.


Well, Apple products are designed to serve you for a lifetime. But at the end of the day, they are just gadgets are they not? And they need regular maintaining and updating just like any other gadget to increase the longevity and efficiency. The good part about the I pad is apart from the hard disc space not many issues are bound to crop up. Battery concerns are bound to arise in any gadget, but here, by just deleting and uninstalling apps that eat your battery, it’s as good as using a new battery. But, sometimes it might be just more than these trivial issues, if you use your device improperly, both software wise and hardware wise. In such cases, look no further! I Pad repairs at Leeds, have been famous for helping people restore the working of the devices!

Trouble shooting and Major Glitches

Sometimes, apart from cyber-attacks and loss of data, there are times when the I Pad just does not want to listen to you. It might be due to an internal problem or the battery. If you’re able to diagnose it, well and good! Nothing like it! As stated already, almost all the data is backed up on the I Cloud and simultaneously transferred to IPhone’s and Apple laptops. But, if nothing can be done from your side, worry not! I pad repairs at Leeds are just for you! People from all over the world come down here to get their devices back on track! Just as an I Pad is important to you, I pad’s maintaining and debugging is the primary concern of I pad repair at Leeds!


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