Taking Advantage Of The Internet: Saving Time and Money

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Although it seems like the worst of the financial storm is over, most of us are still watching our budgets and trying to save a dime here or there – just to make sure. Such a practical spending policy is never a bad idea and, lucky for us, has only gotten easier to implement thanks to modern technology. Using the internet to make your purchases, pay your bills, research and enjoy entertainment possibilities, and do a million other helpful activities can save you an incredible amount of time and money when done correctly. Managing your daily affairs online is the best way to stay up to date on your surroundings and changes in your personal accounts or needs, without having to spend any money on planners, advisors, stamps, gas, etc. Here are just some of the ways you can take advantage of the internet to complete most of your daily organizational necessities from the comfort of your home:

Taking Advantage Of The Internet: Saving Time and Money

Work Virtually

Although not every profession can be done online or through your computer, a growing number of jobs can be. If your job is one of those lucky positions that can be done on a personal computer – take advantage of it! Investigate your company’s policy on telecommuting. Many companies offer at least part-time flexibility options that allow you to stay at home for part of the day or week. If your job does not allow such flexibility, you can research the possibility of transferring to a position or company that does. Several positions are now even available completely online, giving you the freedom to work from your computer anywhere – from your home or your favourite tropical destination. You can try writing articles online, working in customer service, or translating virtually. Working at home saves you the time and money of a commute, allowing you to easily prepare your lunch and dinner at home as well. If you have children, working at home can also severely cut the costs of childcare services. Give it a shot!

Pay your Bills and Watch your Budget

For those of us that grew up with the internet, paying your bills online seems like the only way to get the job done. Many people still pay bills traditionally out of habit, however, and are not taking advantage of the ease of online payments. By organizing the payment of your bills online, you can quickly set-up plans to automatically debit your bank accounts so that you rarely have to think about due dates or budgeting and saving you the cost of ordering and mailing checks or going to the agency directly to pay your bills. You can also manage your budget online. Websites like Mint.com offer useful tools to track your spending and bills, helping you understand how you are currently spending your money and how you might budget yourself better in the future.

Enjoy Entertainment

Another advent of modern technology is the proliferation of entertainment goods available to stream automatically. You can easily buy subscriptions to websites, like Netflix.com or Amazon.com, that will offer your unlimited streaming of movies, tv shows, or sports programs from the comfort of your home at significantly lower prices then you might pay at your local movie rental store or pay-per-view channel. Online gaming has also become popular, allowing you to socialize with friends through non-competitive games or even make bets through online poker for the more adventurous. Again, all of these online options are cheaper than their in-store counterparts and can be enjoyed whenever and wherever you like.


One of the easiest ways to save money online is by shopping. Online marketplaces have exploded in the last decade, allowing you to buy almost any product you desire – from anywhere in the world – with just a few clicks from your personal computer. Further, online shopping can help you quickly compare the quality and prices of goods offered by competitors. Many stores also offer online-only sales deals that give you even greater savings on the products you purchase. Seasonal offers, like those available on Black Friday or Cyber Monday (the Friday and Monday after Thanksgiving), usually offer some of the best sales of the year on all sorts of products. Cyber Monday has incredible sales available solely online, sometimes only available for a period lasting from a few hours to a full day. Even travel websites follow these seasonal sale trends and offer online-only deals, helping you save a huge percentage on your travel bookings.

Almost every aspect of your life can be controlled via your personal computer thanks to modern innovations in technology and the internet. These options allow you to save time and money by cutting out transportation costs and middlemen. To take advantage of these benefits, try working virtually, paying your bills online, enjoying entertainment online, and completing most of your purchases online – your budget won’t regret it!


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