In-house vs Outsourced SEO

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SEO aims to bring the website at top position in search engine result. SEO can be done by two methods one is hiring highly qualified SEO called outsourced SEO or training a group of people as per your website needs called as an in-house SEO. Generally in business, people employ outsource SEO because it’s easy to source SEO from the market and assign the project of the website, this is less time consuming and provide good results within a little span of time. In-house SEO is also employed by many big business people. Because they don’t want to take risks at any point of time in their business. So, they first train the freshers in any specialization then employ them to work on that project. Once they specialized in that field, they make them to learn the entire SEO process and once they got the enough idea about how to tackle the issue related to that field. They will be hired them  as a trainer to the juniors and same process continues for the remaining people. Many orm company in India are there to handle the marketing issues of the business. Generally small business appoints the outsource SEO than in-house SEO.

In-house vs Outsourced SEO

In-house SEO

In this you have to make lots of efforts, firstly you have to appoint the staff for the SEO services who are well qualified or experienced in this field, then after this you have to appoint the junior SEO and you have to provide training in some specialized field like guest posting, link building, content writer and some other. As we can’t appoint all the qualified person at a time because the qualified person cost more. It’s better to appoint freshers, then train them according to website requirement and assign them a particular work to get expertise in that field, then once they get expertise in that field, they have to train overall SEO process and appoint them as senior for training the junior and repeat the same process for the upcoming juniors for making all this process you need a lot of time and money. In-house SEO knows each and every facts about the business like their relationships with the people, what is the position of the business in a market and some other. They will fully utilize their time to build your business as they don’t have any other client to work on and they can promptly respond to any problem as they’re working in the same premises.

Outsource SEO

This person has full experience in this field and we don’t need to understand anything about the process. We have to just give complete details about our website and to specify what we want from them and if possible you have to check frequently the position of our website in SERP. We don’t need to waste time on training people and check the updates and all other things related to SEO. Digital marketing services in India always update themselves with Goolge updates and they follow white hat techniques and avoid black hat techniques. Google is strict in its guidelines and penalize the websites if they found a violation of the rules and its very hard to get your position in the market.


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