How To Make Free Long Distance Calls Through Smartphones

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As the summer season starts, we most often travel to our native place or to our favorite hill station. As we know, technology plays an important role in our busy daily schedule. There is hardly any day in our lives when we are not equipped with gadgets and especially Smartphones. It has now become the life of people. However nobody wants that their life line should come with a surprise phone bill. There is no problem in visiting your preferred destination, but the problem is how to get rid of long wireless mobile bills. As nothing is impossible in this world, every problem has its solution and this problem too has a solution. Here in this article I am mentioning some smart tips to call abroad without denting your bank balance.


Today there are so many places like restaurants, organizations, hotels, etc. which provide wireless network services i.e. WI FI. So you can make the most of this situation and call people using Smartphones without wasting any time.

Here are some android applications with which you can call abroad, without paying a single penny and using technology known as VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol).


This app allows you to make free calls even if you are outside the country. It’s voice quality is very good. The other feature is that you can transfer your phone number in this app and dial by name. You can also use it for free, but you will be able to access only outgoing features and not incoming. To activate incoming as well as Voice mail features you have to register on it’s app account. One thing to remember is, that while running this app you will get different numbers which will start and end by asterisk marks only. The limitation of this app is that you can call only American and Canadian device numbers and not  any other countries. There is a hardware dongle which usually gets advertised in media but you don’t need to purchase it, because both of them are totally different.


It’s another app through which free calls can be made abroad and it is supported by iPhone as well as Android. It allows you to call any 10 digit U.S. mobile number, but you can only call  the people in the northern part of the U.S. . The disadvantage of this app is that it does not have the feature of incoming calls. It is NETWALK dongle. This app has some terms and conditions that have to be fulfilled like, to access this app you have to first create an account, etc. It has features like call recording and communicating in groups. The main feature of this app is that it contains Automatic Directory Assistance which is absolutely free. It has features similar to MAGIC JACK, like transferring a  contact from your device phone books.


Last but not the least, the Google+ app , which has no need for an introduction. As it is launched by GOOGLE, the main feature of this application is that at one time you can video chat with upto 9 loved ones. It also provides a Voice Chat feature which is supported by iPhone and Android devices, and it requires to be in a WI-Fi hotspot for efficient working. You can invite your friend and relatives by clicking on the ‘INVITE’ button.

These are some of the very well known apps available, free of cost ,on Smartphones, for long distance calls. Wherever you are, anytime, without incurring any expenses, it keeps you connected with loved ones who are away from you.

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