How To Get Your Business Card To The Top Of The Pile

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Some people believe that business cards are a thing of the past with all the alternative options such as linked in, Facebook and Twitter. These people may have an argument because these provide consistent streams of information; however I believe tangibility and real life connections are good way to guide potential partners or customers onto these social media platforms.

The business card is your first lasting impression, so make it count. The business card is regarded as archaic, however it can be made dynamic and flush leaving a good memory of you in their wallet or pocket, whichever they prefer. This article will inform you of how you can help your brand awareness and drive clients straight to your bank account.

Use Color

As we all know color represents a variety of different aspects, it can be regarded as your identity, for example, the red of Manchester, the white of Apple and the yellow of McDonalds. This should also be true for you and your brand on your business card, keep the color in keeping with your brand identity so it is very memorable. It is known that different colors also send out subliminal messages, for example red being passion, white a more passive color. Again, try to pick an eye catching color that ties in well with your brand.

How To Get Your Business Card To The Top Of The Pile

No Graphics

Be concise and straight to the point, you may want a fancy graphic on your card if you are actually a graphics company. However, some firms opt for a piece of clip art that a four year old could insert on to the business card. Do not cheapen your business card keep it elegant and to the point.

Get with the Times

Ever heard of the QR code? I hope so, if not get familiar. Having the QR code acts as a direct link between you and the digital world. The business man simply needs to clasp his smart phone; take a picture and his phone will come up with whatever URL you have implanted on the encryption. This means the QR code could take your customer directly to your Linked in profile where you can display everything you have done and everything you can do. This is one of the greatest ways to integrate tangibility with technology, taking technology and traditional methods and targeting them on one card.

Paper Quality

No one wants an easily damaged paper towel for a business card. Get something durable, long lasting, something strong. Cheap paper does have its strong points, but not literally all it is cheap, cheap like your brand. Choose paper that you would happily exchange, something you would be proud to whip out after dinner. Leave your client leaving like he has a business card that speaks louder than words.

Use the Space

Don’t whip out a tiny business card after dinner; get something big, something that takes up space in their hand. Business cards are already tiny things, so don’t speak in riddles get to the point and don’t have any pointless pictures. Display your title at the top and ensure whomever you giving the car too can decipher what you do and that you can deliver. Less information, keeps them wanting more, making them want more will lead to integration of Linked in meaning more interaction more chance of sales.

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